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HeavyFinance crowdlending platform overview


HeavyFinance opened a completely new asset class for retail investors – loans backed by heavy machinery. This is the first crowdlending platform in the world focusing on heavy equipment as collateral to make investments more secure.

HeavyFinance was founded in 2020 by four experts in different fields such as heavy machinery, finance, marketing and project management. Two of the co-founders are serial entrepreneurs who established successful companies like Finbee, Nova rent and Litrental.

HeavyFinance is supervised by The Central Bank of Lithuania under the track of crowdfunding platform operators. The Central Bank of Lithuania is one of the leading central banks in the world taking active monitoring and regulating efforts as well as fostering innovations in the financial sector.

Investing on HeavyFinance is available to anybody over 18 years old, while the company has some geographical restriction for borrowers. HeavyFinance is focusing on issuing loans to entities based and operating in European Union with primary focus on Lithuania, Latvia, Portugal and Bulgaria.

On HeavyFinance people can start investing from 100 Eur.

Loan period usually varies from four months to three years. However, if you want to sell the part of your investment portfolio earlier, you can do it on the secondary market.

How is the risk measured?

First of all, people can choose to invest in loans depending on the risk they are willing to take. Risk levels are indicated by letters A (lower risk), B (medium risk) and C (higher risk). Consequently, while you could earn up to 14% interest rate by investing in C risk level loan, A risk level loan would bring you around 10-12% interest rate depending on the amount you’ll invest.
Talking about the risk assessment in more detail, these are the main criterias HeavyFinance looks at:
● Financial statement for past 2 years;
● Balance sheet;
● Cash flow statement;
● Reputation of business owner;
● Loan-to-value ratio;

As of today, the platform already helped people to invest more than €1M in loans backed by heavy equipment and arable land with 12,14% average return on investment. Furthermore, the platform didn’t have any defaults so far.

Don’t forget: if you register through this link  you get 2% investment bonus as long as the investment is active with HeavyFinance for a 30 day period from the investment date.

For other bonuses visit our Cash-back & Bonuses page.


Peerberry p2p lending marketplace key figures for september 2018

PeerBerry logo

Today PeerBerry published the key figures and news for September 2018:

Investments by month (EUR):

PeerBerry Investments September 2018

PeerBerry Investments September 2018

The September investments through the platform brings a 13.3% increase over the previous month (from 4.58 million to nearly 5.2 million).

Funded loans:

After less then 11 months since the launch, PeerBerry have reached 30 million euros loans financed through the platform.

New loan originator:

Today PeerBerry announced the launch on the platform of the fifth loan originator: CreditPlus from Ukraine. CreditPlus was launched in June, 2017. The company is a member of Ukrainian Association of Financial Companies. CreditPlus has reached the great business results and is one of the TOP10 online lending companies in Ukraine.

Loans on the marketplace will be listed with 11.5% annual interest rate.

New language:

Great news for investors from Germany, the website is translated in their native language.

My-Passive-Income.eu impressions for September on PeerBerry platform

Even though sometimes there is a lack of investment opportunities, the money was rarely invested by Autoinvest in more than 24 hours. Adding a new loan originator is likely to compensate for this temporary shortage and the money on the investment accounts will be invested much faster.

Spanish mortgage lender FIREOF has just launched on Mintos p2p lending marketplace

Mintos logo

There are now even more investment opportunities in mortgage loans, as Spanish mortgage lender FIREOF Management (FIREOF) has just launched on the Mintos peer-to-peer lending marketplace. You can invest in its loans now and enjoy net returns of up to 8%.

Established in 2015, FIREOF is an asset secured lending business whose mission is to provide a financial bridge to Spanish consumers. FIREOF pursues a win-win relationship with their borrowers. The company is fully licensed and audited and it provides its credit products through established brokers.

FIREOF has a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) that will place its loans on Mintos, FIREOF DM. An SPV is a subsidiary company with an asset/liability structure and legal status that makes its obligations secure even if the parent company would experience financial difficulties. The SPV used for Mintos investors was incorporated in 2016, while the holding company has been operating in real estate lending since 2009. All loans and investments will be held by the FIREOF DM, while FIREOF will service the loans. FIREOF DM, the loan originator as a pure cashflow SPV, has no employees nor liabilities except from the assignments of Mintos investors and its own equity from its investors and shareholders. The SPV adds an extra layer of security for investors on Mintos.

“Our motivation is to democratise the mortgage financing business by offering the opportunity for small investors to access the biggest financial asset in the world. Currently, only large financial institutions can invest in this market, and they alone benefit from the fixed income secured by real estate collateral. We want to change this,” said FIREOF Managing Director Agustín Fernández Clemente.

The average Spain-issued mortgage loans from FIREOF on Mintos will be EUR 50 000 with a repayment period from one to five years, which will be paid in monthly instalments. The loan-to-value (LTV) ratio is not greater than 45%. The typical borrower is a middle class wealthy real estate owner with a need for short-term liquidity.

To keep its interests aligned with investors, FIREOF will maintain 15% of each loan placed on the marketplace. The loans will initially not be secured with a buyback guarantee.

As of June 30, 2018, FIREOF has an assets under management portfolio of EUR 25 million. The company has eight full-time highly qualified senior employees with a total experience of more than 100 years in the Spanish real estate lending business.

Metroktredit loan originator from Russia just joined Mintos peer-to-peer lending marketplace

Mintos logo

There are now even more opportunities for investment on Mintos as Metrokredit has just launched on the marketplace and offers its short-term loans for investment in Euro (EUR).

Metrokredit was established in 2017 in St Petersburg, Russia and it is regulated by the Central Bank of Russia. The company offers short-term loans in RUB of up to RUB 30 000 to citizens of Russia. Metrokredit offers its borrowers a fast and convenient service. All loans are issued solely online via their website and for first-time borrowers, they can receive a loan in just five minutes once approved. For repeated borrowers the time is even shorter – they can have funds in their account in only one minute. The approval process is also very fast as the company uses an advanced self-developed scoring model. This allows the company to evaluate the creditworthiness of a borrower within 10 minutes. It is because of this fast and friendly service that the company has already attracted more than 14 000 customers.

The average Russia-issued short-term loan the company has placed on Mintos is around EUR 112. The repayment period is 30 days and borrowers repay their loan in a single instalment. You can expect net annual returns of up to 13% for its loans listed in EUR.

All loans placed on Mintos by Metrokredit have a buyback guarantee and will be repurchased if the loan is delinquent for 60 days or more. The company will also keep 15% of each loan it places on the marketplace to maintain its skin in the game.

As of May 30, 2018, Metrokredit had a net loan portfolio of EUR 725 000. Since its establishment, it has originated 21 000 loans worth more than EUR 2.2 million. The company has a steadily growing revenue increasing monthly by 25 to 50%.

This is a great opportunity to diversify your portfolio and invest in Metrokredit’s loans listed in EUR .

Stik Credit Joins Viventor peer-to-peer lending marketplace

Viventor logo

Viventor is pleased to welcome a new loan originator from Bulgaria – Stik Credit AD.

Established in 2013 Stik Credit AD provides short and medium term consumer loans. The company currently employs 26 people and has 11 offices across the country.

Since the inception, Stik Credit has issued more than 18’000 loans with the total worth exceeding EUR 5’000’000. The average loan is around 277 EUR for a 5.2 months period. Due to the company’s robust risk management, the delinquency rate (60+ days) has decreased below 15%.

“Even though, we have been financed entirely by equity of our founding shareholders and retained profit, we have seen stable growth over the years. Cooperation with Viventor is the next logical step to accelerate our growth and offer an even better experience to our customers,” comments Hristina Todorova, executive director of Stik Credit.

Stik Credit AD loans on Viventor marketplace

  • 50-2500 EUR in size
  • 1-24 months in duration
  • 10%-13% projected annual return
  • 60 day Buyback guarantee

Stik Credit AD will offer its single payment loans with maturities up to 1 month, as well as installment loans up to 24 months. The company will maintain 5% skin in the game stake in every single loan and start by offering an introductory projected return of around 13%p.a.

Lenndy peer-to-peer lending marketplace overview

Lenndy logo

Lenndy is a peer-to-peer lending marketplace, where investors can invest in loans by buying out prior issued loan rights. Using the platform operators’ technological solutions, non-banking loan administrators have the option to transfer rights of claim arising from any credit agreement. This model allows investors to redeem already committed loans and get 12-15% interest.
Loans at Lenndy are sold by loan originators, that are issuing loans for businesses only. Loan originators transfers their issued loan documentation and Lenndy operator presents them in loan list, after successful valuation results. Only 95 % of loans can be sold at Lenndy, to ensure that Loan Originator also keeps part of the loans with all investors, who made the investment. Lending Marketplace is named as a P2P 2.0 version, because users are investing in already issued loans, and borrowers doesn’t have to wait until all the amount will be collected from many investors.

If you invest for the first time at Lenndy don’t forget that you can get € 10 bonus if you invest minimum 100 EURO in one or more loans, more details HERE.

What type of investments can be made?

Investors can select among many loans issued by loan originators. Currently, our loan originators issue secured car loans, mortgage loans, invoice factoring or other business loans. Most of the loans have pledged collateral and buyback guarantee provided by respective loan originators.
There are two types of loans – 1) secured loans with collateral and 2) unsecured loans without any collateral. For secured loans collateral may be real estate in the case of a mortgage loan, a vehicle in the case of a car loan or equipment in the case of a business loan as well as many other types of collateral as indicated at the description of each loan.

Who is eligible to invest?

Both individuals and entities can invest through Lenndy. Individual investors must be at least 18 years old and have an active Paysera account with III or IV identification Level. Businesses can invest at Lenndy after the owner or the authorized person reaches Level III or Level IV at Paysera bank.

In what currencies can investments be made?

All investments are made in EURO.


Before the investment it is important to know:
1. the platform operators rules and loan and privacy policy;
2. the information about loan in which you want to invest:
– repayment conditions;
– obligations of all parties;
– pledged assets and other guarantors (e.g. personal guarantee);
– cases and sanctions of delays in the payment of contributions;

How the free registration works?

1. The investor registers to the platform.
2. Verifies the e-mail address.
3. Registers with the online bank „PAYSERA“ system and carry out the transfer to the platform account, this way confirming his identity.
4. The investor gets acquainted with submitted business loans on the platform.
5. Invests in selected business loan;
6. The investor can see all the information about the loans and contributions that are displayed in his account.

Loan originator‘s buyback guarantee is one of the key advantages for Lenndy investors, which means that loan originator buys back outstanding loan amount with interest from investors when borrower fails to pay for 60 days. Buyback guarantee is valid for loans with buyback icon.
When investing funds, you should be prepared to hold the investment through to its maturity date. However, Lenndy offers a secondary market that may provide liquidity in certain circumstances. Lenndy, as a market maker, may also buy back an investment by entering into a mutual agreement with you.
Also, keep in mind that sometimes you might receive monthly principal and interest payments, which will reduce your investment in a respective loan over time.

Grupeer peer-to-peer lending marketplace overview

Grupeer logo

Grupeer platform is an electronic trading place that provides an opportunity to invest your free funds in secured loans. The services offered by the Platform are the servicing of claim right acquisition deals, i.e. the Platform brings together two independent participants of the deal – the  seller of the claim rights (credit company or investment company) and their buyer.

Grupeer Platform operates in the jurisdiction of the Republic of Latvia.

In Latvia, no unified normative regulation of mutual loans or financing with a pool is developed, therefore the services of the Platform are not subject to control of a single normative act, but are subject to a set of laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia and directives of the European Union.

The Civil Law of the Republic of Latvia does not prohibit the holder of a debt claim from selling a part of it to another person. Moreover, the holder of the debt claim has the right not only to sell the entire debt claim in the whole, but also to assign/sell a part of it.

The Platform does not carry out activities falling under the definition of a credit institution or payment system in terms of Latvian and European legislation.

Who is eligible to invest?

Both private investors and legal entities that wish to receive passive income from their investments will be able to achieve annual profits of up to 15%.

In accordance with AML (Anti Money Laundering) legal requirements Grupeer accept money transfers from accounts opened with licensed credit institutions in the countries of the European Economic Area (all EU Member States, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein), as well as Switzerland. Accordingly, citizens / residents of these countries can register and make investments through the Grupeer Platform. In order to register and close deals, you need to be an adult capable person with a bank account.

The credit company, which issued a certain loan, remains interested in repayment and payment schedule compliance because this organization is the holder of the main debt claim.

Each registered Platform user can see all the information on a particular loan: the amount and purpose of the loan, the availability of collateral, the maturity date and the payment schedule. You independently analyze the information and decide how to direct your capital investment.

For example, you can repurchase the whole loan from the chosen creditor or only a certain part of it. All the time while payments on this loan are received the investor receives his profit, which is proportional to his investment share. At the same time, you can distribute your capital between several credit organizations – to invest in various types of loans, in different countries and for different borrowers.

In what currencies can investments be made?

The Platform makes settlements in euros (EUR). If the base currency of your current account is another currency, then before making a payment, you need to convert it into euro. In case of receiving funds in another currency, the Platform is entitled to return such a payment, retaining the commission in accordance with the bank’s tariffs, or convert them into euros at the current exchange rate of its bank.

How can funds be transfered?

The only possible means of payment at the moment is bank transfer. This is due to AML (Anti Money Laundering) legislation requirements. Grupeer accept money transfers from accounts opened with licensed credit institutions of the countries of the European Economic Area (all EU Member States, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein), as well as Switzerland. For security purposes, withdrawal of funds is possible only to a confirmed bank account, i.e. the account which you transferred funds from to Platform bank account and which your user identification number is associated with.


Grupeer Platform provides an opportunity to invest in loans issued by credit market professionals – credit institutions and investment funds. For all loans, the borrower’s solvency has been assessed, and appropriate scoring and compliance procedures have been carried out.

A Platform user acquires a claim right to the borrower, thereby becoming a joint claim right holder. The credit company by means of such deals refinances a part of its loan portfolio, getting resources for further development.

The credit institution continues to administrate the loan, including receiving borrower’s payments, while paying to the investors their joint share in accordance with the amount of their claim right the borrower they acquired.

On the Platform two types of loans are offered: loans issued by credit institutions to individuals, and loans issued to enterprises. The loans, related to development projects, issued to companies specializing in real estate development projects, stand as a separate category. In all cases, despite the sale of part of the claim right (the so-called “investment in a loan”), the credit company remains the holder of the main debt claim, thus it is interested in following the payment schedule and repaying the loan by the borrower.

For each loan offered on the Platform, specific information is provided, including the purpose and amount of the loan, maturity date, type of payment schedule and availability of collateral. The user independently evaluates and decides which loan to invest in.

Investments in development objects offered by Grupeer Platform are also executed through already issued loans, by means of acquiring a claim right, and from legal point of view they do not differ from investing in other loans. A classic example is the situation when a loan issued to developer for acquiring a land plot (bringing communications, developing a technical project, etc.) is refinanced in this manner. In practice, these loans have the nature of interim financing (so-called bridge loans), with a 1-2-year term – usually this period is required to complete the “zero cycle” of construction, after which the object, having at this stage a much higher market value, is refinanced by the bank and partly – by real estate buyers through pre-sales in case of a residential project. Such a model is typical for many EU countries, for example, Germany.

To begin work on the Platform, you need to transfer an amount which is not less than the minimum investment amount (10 euros).

At the moment, the limit of incoming payments from a registered Grupeer user to Platform bank account is 50,000 euros per month. If you wish to invest a larger amount, you will need to provide the bank with additional information.



Bulkestate real estate crowdfunding marketplace overview

Bulkestate logo

Bulkestate OU is a real estate crowdfunding platform with a focus on funding new development or re-development projects as well as structuring group buying deals to acquire small size (such as one apartment) real estate at wholesale prices (sales price of an entire building). Bulkestate was founded and commence operations since 2016.

Bulkestate operations are regulated by general commercial legislation of Estonia and European Union. In order to operate as a financial institution, Bulkestate has received a financial institution license in Estonia.

The main difference between Bulkestate and other real estate crowdfunding platforms is a combination of both lending and group-buying services. It provides an efficient solution if initial loan arrangements fail and they might have to foreclose and sell the real estate mortgage. This way the security of the investment project increases, providing more guarantees for the investors. A significant part of their team are experts in the field of real estate development and organisation of the sales process, which is another important differentiator as they have hands-on experience with the due diligence and approval process. Furthermore, they have the necessary capacity to take over management of projects, which do not proceed as planned and deliver the promised result.

Who is eligible to invest?

Any company or any person over the age of 18 can invest in any of the active investment opportunities on the Bulkestate platform.

The minimum investment is 50 EUR. There are no restrictions on the investment amount, yet it cannot exceed the loan amount. Investments may be made several times till the investors reach the goal of the funding for the particular investment object.


Bulkestate has clear and strict guidelines when selecting investment projects to offer for the investors. The main prerequisite is clarity in the planned repayment of the loan, which may depend on the market demand for specific properties, quality of the project and quality of the development project team. We carefully evaluate the demand for the particular real estate property. Thus, primarily the saleability of properties is assessed as well as the security of exit options upon completion of the project. Also, the general policy is to finance loans where LTV is 70% or less.

Group-buying deals

You can keep an eye on your investments in your Bulkestate user account. Your account displays aGroup buying deal or bulk-deal occurs when an owner of an apartment building wants to sell all apartments (entire building) at once. We publish the offer on our platform giving a chance to purchase one or more apartments in the building. The deal is successful if all apartments are bought, meaning that there is a potential buyer for every apartment in the building and a bulk-deal can take place.ll pending investments.

In group-buying, you are buying an entire apartment and receive the full legal owner title, yet you cannot make an investment in one of the apartments.

How can funds be transfered

To add money to your account, choose an option “Add funds”, set the deposit amount and make a transfer from your bank account (minimum of EUR 50). The bank transfer typically takes 3 to 5 business days to complete after initiating a deposit. Bulkestate makes your funds available in your account as soon as the payment is received.


There are two ways to invest in loans: manual investing or automatic investing using Autoinvest.

Auto Invest is an investment tool that automatically invests available funds on behalf of investors, basing on their chosen criteria. Once investors set their investment criteria, Auto Invest automatically places orders for matching settings. Investors can review, adjust or pause Auto Invest at any time. There are no additional costs for using Auto Invest.






EstateGuru secures its first institutional credit line from a German bank

EstateGuru New Logo

EstateGuru, the European leading cross-border marketplace for short-term property loans has secured its first institutional credit line to be invested into loans originated in the Baltic market.

EstateGuru CEO and co-founder Marek Pärtel comments:

“Establishing the EstateGuru – Varengold cooperation is a proof of having found a mutually beneficial cooperation model between a traditional financial institution and a fintech company. This is a clear sign that building a diversified portfolio of property backed loans is a very appealing instrument for institutional investors. Our Pan-European retail investor base is still the main source of capital. However, establishing a cooperation with Varengold Bank and other institutional investors enables EstateGuru to grow faster by offering a wider variety of property backed loans to our entire investor base and raise the flexibility of loan terms to our borrowers. Without a doubt it is an important milestone for EstateGuru in moving closer to our goal of becoming the leading provider of flexible property backed finance solutions in Europe. We still see many SME-s and property developers who are struggling to get property backed finance from traditional financial institutions due to highly regulated and lengthy processes. EstateGuru has a clear vision and roadmap to bridge the gaps left open in the property finance industry.”

EststeGuru COO Mihkel Stamm adds:

“Establishing a cooperation with Varengold Bank is an unprecedented assurance of the quality of EstateGuru’s business processes. The due diligence process was thorough and lengthy, during which Varengold’s representatives were convinced of EstateGuru’s product, procedures and the people behind the business.“

Since the establishment in 2014 EstateGuru’s investor base of over 11 000 investors have funded in excess of €50 million of secured property loans in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and Spain with zero losses to investors to date. With the recent developments, including entering 2 new markets in 2018 Q1, establishing an institutional credit line and an ongoing equity round, the firm is setting goals for the next European markets, to establish its Pan-European reach in coming years.

About Varengold Bank AG

Varengold Bank AG is a German private bank, headquartered in Hamburg. Varengold is the leading provider of products and services to the Marketplace Lending Industry

Founded in 1995 as an asset management boutique seeking to offer individual and high-performing financial products for private and institutional clients. In 2013, Varengold was granted a commercial banking license when it transformed into to fully fledged commercial bank.

Varengold Bank AG is registered with the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) under number 109 520 and has been listed at Deutsche Börse in Frankfurt since the 20th of March 2007 (ISIN DE0005479307, WKN 547930). Varengold Bank AG is also connected to the Compensatory Fund of German Banks (EdB).

EBV Finance joins Mintos and you can now invest in low-risk VAT receivables

Mintos logo

The leading VAT refund provider in Central and Eastern Europe has joined Mintos. EBV Finance offers fast VAT and excise duty refund services to transportation companies in Europe. You can now invest in VAT receivables from European governments and earn returns of up to 9%.

Established in 2009, EBV Finance is an international company lead by a team of factoring experts. Based in Lithuania, it offers fast VAT and excise duty refund services to transportation companies, which have applied for VAT and excise duty refunds from governments in Europe. EBV Finance issues VAT refunds from 31 European countries, the main receivables come from Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany and Austria.

The process of tax refunds can be burdensome, taking up to eight months and can lead to frozen working capital. EBV Finance is a great solution to get access to the refunds in just two days. Once EBV Finance has approved the loan, it takes over the carrier’s application with the government. EBV Finance is a specialist in tax administration and is able to receive the tax refunds faster than it would have taken its clients.

“We are very glad to offer investors on Mintos the opportunity to invest in VAT receivables from European governments. EBV Finance’s loan portfolio is unique. Because the governments are legally obliged to refund the VAT and excise duties to the company, the risk of a default on the payment is virtually non-existent. This means investors can earn great risk-adjusted return,” says Martins Sulte, CEO and Co-founder of Mintos.

The average loan listed on Mintos is EUR 1 000 with a repayment period of up to 9 months. For EBV Finance loans you can expect a net annual return of up to 9%.

EBV Finance will keep 10% of each loan placed on Mintos on its balance sheet, to keep its interests aligned with those of investors. The company ensures a buyback guarantee for all loans that are delinquent for more than 60 days.

EBV Finance has the largest VAT refund portfolio in the Baltic states. Per year, EBV Finance has refunded more than EUR 80 million and this number is growing at a rapid pace. In 2017, the revenue for the company was EUR 3 million and the net profit was around EUR 1.5 million. The company has made a profit every year since its inception in 2009.

Since its establishment, EBV Finance has acquired more than 1 200 clients including DSV, DHL, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics and many others large international transport groups. EBV Finance works with well-known fuel suppliers such as Circle K, ESSO, Total and others.

Currently, EBV Finance operates in nine countries in Europe: Germany, Poland, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Spain, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia and plans to enter new markets in the near future.


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