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Aforti Factor Joins Viventor p2p lending marketplace

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Viventor is happy to announce another partnership with a new loan originator from Poland – Aforti Factor SA.

Established in the beginning of 2018 Aforti Factor SA is one of the fastest growing non-bank invoice financing providers in Poland. The company is backed by Aforti Holding, a well-known Polish financial services provider listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

During the first 6-month of operations Aforti Factor AS has serviced more than EUR 1’500’000 worth of invoices, ranging from EUR 25 – EUR 200’000. Currently the company employs 12 people and is rapidly expanding across the country to meet the growing demand for their product.

‘’So far May has been the most successful month for Aforti Factor. The Operational Department accepted invoices worth almost PLN 1.8 million (EUR 420’000), an increase of 24% compared to the previous month. As we already have had a successful partnership with Viventor and Aforti Finance, we’re looking forward to offer our new product to the investors on the platform” says Jacek Książek, the managing director of Aforti Factor SA.

Aforti Factor SA loans on Viventor marketplace

  • 25-200000 EUR in size
  • 7-90 days in duration
  • 11%-12% projected annual return
  • 60 day Buyback guarantee

Aforti Factor will offer its invoice loans with maturities starting from 7 up to 90 days. The company will maintain 5% skin in the game stake in every single loan and start by offering a projected return of around 12%p.a. On top of that, all of Aforti Factor loans will be secured by a 60-day Buyback Guarantee.

Stik Credit Joins Viventor peer-to-peer lending marketplace

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Viventor is pleased to welcome a new loan originator from Bulgaria – Stik Credit AD.

Established in 2013 Stik Credit AD provides short and medium term consumer loans. The company currently employs 26 people and has 11 offices across the country.

Since the inception, Stik Credit has issued more than 18’000 loans with the total worth exceeding EUR 5’000’000. The average loan is around 277 EUR for a 5.2 months period. Due to the company’s robust risk management, the delinquency rate (60+ days) has decreased below 15%.

“Even though, we have been financed entirely by equity of our founding shareholders and retained profit, we have seen stable growth over the years. Cooperation with Viventor is the next logical step to accelerate our growth and offer an even better experience to our customers,” comments Hristina Todorova, executive director of Stik Credit.

Stik Credit AD loans on Viventor marketplace

  • 50-2500 EUR in size
  • 1-24 months in duration
  • 10%-13% projected annual return
  • 60 day Buyback guarantee

Stik Credit AD will offer its single payment loans with maturities up to 1 month, as well as installment loans up to 24 months. The company will maintain 5% skin in the game stake in every single loan and start by offering an introductory projected return of around 13%p.a.

Sofcom Joins Viventor p2p lending marketplace

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Viventor announce another partnership with an established lender – Sofia Commerce Pawnshops (SofCom) from Bulgaria.

Founded in 1993, Sofia Commerce Pawnshops is the biggest pawnbroking lender in Bulgaria. It currently operates 130 pawnshops and has expanded to Macedonia. Sofcom is the only pawnshop chain that has been listed on Bulgarian Stock Exchange (BSE Code: 6SOA).

In addition to the traditional pawnshop business model, Sofia Commerce Pawnshops has developed a unique digital pawnshop which allows their costumers to gain access to funds under 24 hours without leaving their home.

Over the years, Sofcom has maintained stable profitability with profit per share of BGN 42.7 in 2016 and BGN 55.4 in 2015. Due to their large reserves and undivided profit, their current D/E ratio is at astonishing 5.5% (Q4,2017). To learn more, you can find their financial statements in our Loan Originator section.

Sofia Commerce Pawnshops loans on Viventor marketplace

  • 250-2500 EUR in size
  • 7-30 days in duration
  • 7%-10% projected annual return
  • 60 day Buyback guarantee

Sofcom will offer its pawnbroking loans from Bulgaria secured by borrowers’ personal assets. Operating at low LTV ratios, underlying collateral provides liquidity in case of borrower not being able to repay the loan.

The company will maintain 5% skin in the game stake in every single loan and start by offering an introductory projected return of around 10%p.a.

Viventor Cashback Campaign

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Investing with Viventor just got even better. Viventor have launched a Cashback Campaign that will allow everyone who registers from 1st of March 2018 to 30th of April 2018 and fulfills the requirements to get a 10 € bonus added to their virtual investor account.

How does it work?

To get started, register as an investor by clicking on THIS LINK.
Remember, the deadline for registration is 30th of April 2018, whereas the Campaign expires on 1st of June 2018.

  • Submit your application and wait for your account to be verified and activated.
  • Invest at least 500 € for the minimum period of 30 days.
  • Afterwards, 10 € bonus will be added to your account automatically.


For other bonuses visit our Cash-back & Bonuses page.

GetBucks joins Viventor peer-to-peer lending marketplace

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MyBucks, a leading FinTech company that operates a range of financial products and services across 13 countries worldwide joins Viventor peer-to-peer lending marketplace. The company will list the loans originated in Kenya under GetBucks brand.

Founded in 2011, MyBucks has established itself as a scene-setting market pioneer when it comes to modern financial services. Operating 4 banks and 9 microfinance institutions that offer loan, banking and insurance products, the company has issued almost EUR 400 million worth of loans.

In June 2016, MyBucks was listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FRA:MBC). Registered in Luxembourg, the company is of African origin with active operations in 11 countries across the continent. The company is also present in Poland and Australia.

“Our company’s vision is to embrace technology as a mean to provide better financial solutions to people all over the world.  Getting listed on Frankfurt stock exchange was a major step towards showing our ambition indeed lies beyond just Africa. Partnering with Viventor, another ambitious FinTech company that seeks to provide better financial services through technology is not only another step forward for us, but also a collaboration that simply makes sense.”

Tim Nuy, Deputy CEO of MyBucks

GetBucks loans on Viventor

  • 500-50000 EUR in size
  • 12 months-48 months in duration
  • 10%-12% projected annual return
  • 60 day Buyback guarantee

The company will initially list its consumer loans from Kenya issued to local business owners. All loans are backed by a third party guarantor and have a collateral in place. In addition to the attractive yield, terms and Buyback Guarantee, all the loans will be listed in Euros. On top of that, GetBucks will maintain 5% skin in the game stake in every single loan.

Lenno Joins Viventor peer-to-peer lending marketplace

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Viventor partners with Lenno, a Bulgarian lender that also operates in Poland, Czech Republic and Russia.

Established in 2012 as TNK Capital Management JSC, the company carried out a rebranding and started operating under the brand of Lenno in the second half of 2017.  The company has been registered as a financial institution with the Bulgarian National Bank since 2013.

Lenno provides loans secured by real estate to both businesses and private borrowers, with the average Loan-to-Value ratio across the loan book standing at 49%. The majority of loans issued are secured by properties located in the biggest cities of Bulgaria: Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna and Burgas. To date, Lenno has originated approximately EUR 7 million worth of loans, with the ambition to considerably increase its presence in Czech, Polish and Russian markets in the near future.

We are always striving to be among the pioneers in the industry and it is for this reason that our newly formed partnership with Viventor is vital for our company’s mission. Accessing a new stream of capital will help us focus on expanding our business into new markets and will allow us to focus on developing innovative financing products.”

Aleksandar Tonkov, CEO of Lenno
Lenno loans on Viventor

  • 2500-250000 EUR in size
  • 6 months-5 years in duration
  • 7%-10% projected annual return
  • 60 day Buyback guarantee

The company will initially list its loans from Bulgaria. In addition to Buyback and collateral in place, all the loans will be listed in Euros. On top of that, Lenno will maintain 5% skin in the game stake in every single loan.

Atlantis Financiers Join Viventor peer-to-peer lending marketplace

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Atlantis Financiers from The Netherlands have joined Viventor.

Established in 2013, Atlantis Financiers are one of the biggest non-bank invoice financing and factoring solution providers for Dutch and Belgian businesses. Since inception, the company has serviced over 2’500 SMEs in the region, financing over EUR 20’000’000 worth of invoices.

“When we think about our services, we think of solutions that are customisable, flexible and online-based. As we see it, these are some of the core values  that modern small and medium enterprises are looking for when thinking of financing solutions. We’re very happy to partner with Viventor, as our solutions have incorporated the same core values,” states Lex Gielen of Atlantis Financiers.

Atlantis Financiers invoices on Viventor marketplace

  • 300-30000 EUR in size
  • 30-120 days duration
  • 6%-14% projected annual return
  • 90 day Buyback guarantee + Invoice Insurance

Atlantis Financiers offer invoice financing solutions with Advance Rate between 30% and 80% (percentage of invoice paid out by the factoring company up front). Moreover, every single deal has been insured with such trusted insurance companies as Euler Hermes (member of Allianz Group) or Atradius.

Given the levels of Advance Rate, insurance and Buyback Guarantee provided, investments in invoices factored by Atlantis Financiers are very conservative.

Update your AutoInvest settings by including Atlantis Financiers now. Remember to include Invoice Financing as a loan type, and Netherlands as a country!

Credissimo joins Viventor peer-to-peer lending marketplace

Credissimo logo

Credissimo, a Loan Originator from Bulgaria joins Viventor peer-to-peer lending marketplace.

Established in 2007, Credissimo currently operates in Bulgaria and Macedonia, and is about to commence operations in Poland.  Since inception, the company has issued over 280’000 loans with total worth of more than 84 Million Euros.
Credissimo loans listed on Viventor marketplace:

  • 100-1250 EURO’s in size
  • 3-24 month’s in duration
  • 10%-11% projected annual return
  • 60 days Buyback Guarantee from Credissimo

The lender will retain at least 5% of every single loan and bear the currency risk by listing its products in Euros. All loans of Credissimo are projected to make monthly repayments, ensuring frequent and stable cash flow.

Viventor peer-to-peer lending marketplace overview

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Viventor is a peer-to-peer lending marketplace that connects non bank lenders from the one side, and investors all across Europe from the other side.

Lending companies independently select their borrowers, issue loans, and offer these loans on Viventor. Further on, investors can select from the pool of loans listed, and invest in ones meeting their requirements. Viventor’s business model provides access to “crowd capital” for the lenders, and makes secure investing simple and accessible for investors!

Who is eligible to invest?

Viventor is both open to private investors and companies.

In order to qualify as an investor, an individual must be at least 18 years old, possess a bank account in one of the countries of the European Economic Area (European Union, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein), and verify his/her identity to Viventor.

In what currencies can investments be made?

Investments can be made in: EUR.

Loan types

At the moment on the Viventor platform can be made investments in the following types of loans:

  • Mortgage-backed loans
  • Consumer loans

Investment in loans can be done in two ways: through the primary market (where new loans are displayed) or through the secondary market (where the loans are offered by other investors).

How can funds be transfered

The first deposit at all times must come from investor’s personal Bank Account, in order to comply with Anti-Money Laundering requirements.

For later deposits, external services like TransferWise, PaySera, and others may be used, for the sake of convenient multi-currency transactions, faster money movements and smaller commissions.


There are two ways to invest in loans: manual investing (when the investor browse loans currently listed on the Viventor marketplace in either the primary or secondary market and select loans individually to build your portfolio) or automatic investing using Autoinvest.

AutoInvest is an advanced investing tool that allows investors to create an investment portfolio, based on customs sets of criteria. After setting up and launching a portfolio with AutoInvest, the system will automatically filter and invest in loans meeting the requirements continuously. If there are not enough loans on the platform meeting the specified criteria to reach the maximum portfolio size, the excess funds will remain allocated in the Investor’s Account. Every time new loans are added to the market, the system will automatically perform search from anew, and invest in the new listings that qualify. AutoInvest is a great tool for saving time and ensuring diversification.

Mobile application

In December 2016 Viventor launched their mobile application. The app serves to make investing more accessible at any time.

The application can be downloaded from:

App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/es/app/viventor/id1173535557?l=en&mt=8
Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.viventor





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