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Kviku from Russia has just launched on Mintos p2p lending marketplace

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A new loan originator from Russia has just launched on the Mintos peer-to-peer lending marketplace! Kviku is a leading fintech platform which currently provides instant online point-of-sale and instalment credit solutions to borrowers in Russia and Kazakhstan. In 2018, the company plans to expand its services into Spain and Poland. Kviku is the sixth loan originator with operations in Russia to join Mintos and you can now invest in its Russia-issued consumer loans listed in Euro (EUR) and Russian ruble (RUB).

Kviku was established in 2013 and was one of the first fintech company to challenge the traditional banks in Russia. The company operates completely online and offers a fast, reliable, convenient and transparent service. Kviku issues loans through its virtual credit card and point-of-sale partners and holds a microfinance license in Russia. First-time borrowers can take a loan up to EUR 300 to purchase online or offline goods and services. For repeat borrowers, the company offers cash instalment loans up to EUR 1 500 with a six month repayment period. Both loan products will be available for investment on Mintos.

“We are excited to be among the first originators to offer point-of-sale loans on the Mintos marketplace. The Russian online lending market is one of the most regulated globally and investors will surely benefit from the extra layer of regulation. Kviku is a leading European online point-of-sale lender and we look forward to diversifying our funding sources for loans that we issue in all of our countries of operations via our strategic partnership with Mintos,” says Kviku Founder and CEO Nikita Lomakin.

The average Russia-issued loan from Kviku is EUR 500 and around RUB 35 000. The average maturity of the loans is six months. For its loans listed in EUR, you can expect a net annual return of up to 10% in EUR and up to 17% for its loans listed in RUB.

All loans from Kviku will be secured with a buyback guarantee and will be repurchased if they become delinquent for 60 days or more. The company also offers investors another layer of risk mitigation, as it will keep 10% of each loan on its balance to maintain its skin in the game.

As of July 31, 2018, Kviku had issued 250 000 loans worth over USD 15 million. The company has experienced 10 times the amount of growth over the last 12 month, and has a net loan portfolio of USD 8 million.

Kviku prides itself on its fast service, due to its efficient credit risk assessment. The company has the shortest online application time in the industry and can analyse more than 10 thousand Big Data parameters within 20 seconds. The company uses over 30 databases to assess the creditworthiness of its borrowers.

Kviku is made up of a team of 25 employees who have helped create and maintain the convenient business model of the company. As a result, it has processed more than 700 000 applications. The typical borrower of Kviku is aged between 20-35 years old, has an average monthly income of EUR 1 000 and is considering to make an online or offline purchase but doesn’t have sufficient funds. Kviku’s business model assumes less risk compared to traditional payday loans, as only repeat borrowers get access to cash loans, whereas new clients can apply for non-cash loans to purchase goods or services.

The first loan originator from Ukraine has launched on Mintos p2p lending marketplace!

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Mintos is continuing its geographical expansion and they are happy to announce that they have just launched the first loan originator from Ukraine on the marketplace! Dinero is the fastest growing online lender in Ukraine and it specialises in short-term loans. The company now offers you the opportunity to invest in its short-term loans listed in EUR on Mintos with expected net annual returns of up to 9.5%.

Dinero was established in 2017 and as of June 30, 2018, it has issued more than 59 000 loans with a net loan portfolio of more than EUR 2 million. The main goal of Dinero is to provide customers with immediate assistance in the event of unforeseen financial situations. The way the company assesses the creditworthiness of its clients is by using various scoring models, depending on the clients’ sociodemographic parameters such as age, credit history and other factors.

“Dinero is very proud to join the Mintos marketplace. We see marketplace lending as one of the global financial market trends, and Dinero is the first Ukrainian microfinance company to join a European lending marketplace,” said Ilya Vesely, CEO of Dinero.

Ukrainian-issued short-term loans from Dinero on Mintos range from around EUR 20 to EUR 360. The repayment period ranges from 7 to 30 days. You can expect a net annual return of up to 9.5%.

All Dinero’s loans are secured with a buyback guarantee, meaning any loans that are delinquent for more than 60 days will be repurchased. The company will maintain 10% of each loan placed on Mintos on its balance sheet, to maintain its skin in the game.

Investment structure

Taking into consideration legal requirements and investors’ interests, investors will be able to obtain exposure to Dinero loans by investing in loans issued by Mintos Finance SIA, Mintos Group company, to Mondoo SIA, a Dinero group company.

The repayment of each loan issued by Mintos Finance to Mondoo will be pegged to the repayment of a respective loan issued by Mondoo to Dinero and this loan will be pegged to repayment of the respective loan issued by Dinero to the borrower. Mintos Finance loans will be directly secured by a pledge on claims arising from Dinero loans issued to borrowers.

Mintos Finance will provide funding to Mondoo up to 90% of the principal of a respective loan Dinero has issued to its borrower. Accordingly, Dinero will keep 10% skin in the game. Dinero will repay the loan to Mondoo in lockstep with the repayment of the respective loan Dinero has issued to its borrower.

Should the borrower’s loan become delinquent for 60 days or more, Mondoo would ensure the repayment to Mintos Finance of the respective part of the loan received from Mintos Finance in full, together with accrued interest and Mondoo would ensure the buyback of the claims on this loan from investors.

“We are very pleased to welcome Dinero to the Mintos family. Our main goal at Mintos is to create a global marketplace for loans and geographical expansion is key to achieving this goal. We hope our investors enjoy this fantastic opportunity to diversify their investment portfolio and invest in Ukraine-issued short-term loans,” says Martins Sulte, CEO and Co-founder of Mintos.

The typical borrowers of loans issued by Dinero are aged 18 to 75 years, who usually take loans for personal unforeseen expenses. The company charges its borrowers an annual percentage rate (APR) of 270%.

Since its foundation in November 2017, in just eight months of operations, the company has disbursed a total of more than EUR 4 million in loans. Dinero currently employs more than 80 employees and as of June 30, 2018, the number of active customers exceeded 37 000.

Lime Zaim has launched on Mintos and initially offers investment opportunities in RUB and will begin to offer loans in EUR in the coming weeks

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The Lime Zaim company is a technology-driven financial service provider from Russia and will offer returns up to 13% and 18% for its EUR and RUB loans respectively on the Mintos peer-to-peer lending marketplace.

Lime Zaim, part of the Lime Group, was established in 2013 in Russia and began issuing loans in the first quarter of 2014. Lime Zaim’s lending products assist under-banked consumers to expand their purchasing power and to manage their short-term cash flow needs. To achieve this, the company offers short-term loans and instalment loans to citizens of Russia completely online. Its proprietary machine-learning scoring algorithms combine standard credit history information with behavioural and demographic factors to provide it with a more accurate credit score. This allows the company to offer credit to borrowers passed over by traditional lenders.

The Mintos marketplace offers an outstandingly flexible source of funds enabling us to smooth capital flows by exactly matching assets with liabilities and to further diversify our funding structure,” says Kevin Hurley, Vice President of Finance at Lime Capital Partners.

On Mintos, the average Russia-issued personal loan from Lime Zaim is around RUB 7 000, and the average EUR equivalent is EUR 100. The average repayment period is 28 days. You can expect a net annual return of up to 18% for its loans listed in RUB and up to 13% for its EUR loans.

All loans from Lime Zaim come with the buyback guarantee from its mother company, Laim Zaim Holdings Limited. This means, if a loan is delinquent for more than 60 days Laim Zaim Holdings Limited will repurchase the loan. The loan originator will also keep 10% skin in the game, to ensure its interests align with those of investors.

Since its founding in 2013 by Alexey Nefedov and Stanislav Sergushkin, Lime Zaim have scored hundreds of thousands of loan applications, issuing 393 000 loans to more than 100 000 customers.

Lime Zaim’s revenue for 2017 was around EUR 11.6 million and net profit for the same time period was around EUR 1.4 million. As at January 1, 2018 it had a net loan portfolio of more than EUR 2.3 million.

Metroktredit loan originator from Russia just joined Mintos peer-to-peer lending marketplace

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There are now even more opportunities for investment on Mintos as Metrokredit has just launched on the marketplace and offers its short-term loans for investment in Euro (EUR).

Metrokredit was established in 2017 in St Petersburg, Russia and it is regulated by the Central Bank of Russia. The company offers short-term loans in RUB of up to RUB 30 000 to citizens of Russia. Metrokredit offers its borrowers a fast and convenient service. All loans are issued solely online via their website and for first-time borrowers, they can receive a loan in just five minutes once approved. For repeated borrowers the time is even shorter – they can have funds in their account in only one minute. The approval process is also very fast as the company uses an advanced self-developed scoring model. This allows the company to evaluate the creditworthiness of a borrower within 10 minutes. It is because of this fast and friendly service that the company has already attracted more than 14 000 customers.

The average Russia-issued short-term loan the company has placed on Mintos is around EUR 112. The repayment period is 30 days and borrowers repay their loan in a single instalment. You can expect net annual returns of up to 13% for its loans listed in EUR.

All loans placed on Mintos by Metrokredit have a buyback guarantee and will be repurchased if the loan is delinquent for 60 days or more. The company will also keep 15% of each loan it places on the marketplace to maintain its skin in the game.

As of May 30, 2018, Metrokredit had a net loan portfolio of EUR 725 000. Since its establishment, it has originated 21 000 loans worth more than EUR 2.2 million. The company has a steadily growing revenue increasing monthly by 25 to 50%.

This is a great opportunity to diversify your portfolio and invest in Metrokredit’s loans listed in EUR .

Simbo.dk joins Mintos and offers for investment short-term loans from Denmark

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There are now even more investment opportunities from Denmark on Mintos, as Simbo.dk has just launched on the marketplace. Simbo.dk is one of the leading consumer loan providers in Denmark and now offers for investment its short-term consumer loans listed in euro (EUR) and Danish krone (DKK).

Launched in April 2017, Simbo.dk operates completely online and offers its customers a simple and fast way to receive a loan. The company prides itself on its high-quality customer service, which is reflected in its strong rating of 9.3 out of 10 on Trustpilot. Above all else, Simbo.dk ensures complete transparency with its loans – there are no hidden fees or interest. The efficient application process takes just one minute, and customers can have the funds in their account in 10 minutes.

“We are excited to begin this collaboration with Mintos and share our strong performing portfolio with investors on the marketplace. We believe Mintos will allow Simbo.dk to grow at an even faster rate and allow us to reach a larger customer base in Denmark, which is our goal,” says Toms Jurjevs, CEO of Simbo.dk.

Denmark-issued loans from Simbo.dk are listed on Mintos in both EUR and DKK. The average loan from the company on the marketplace is around EUR 500 and DKK 4 300. The repayment term on average is 30 days, and borrowers make their repayments in a single instalment. You can expect a yearly return of up to 13%.

Simbo.dk guarantees the buyback of all loans that are delinquent for more than 60 days. To maintain its skin in the game, the company will keep 10% of each loan placed on Mintos on its balance sheet.

Since its inception, Simbo.dk has experienced strong growth. As of the end of April 2018 the company had a net loan portfolio of EUR 4.1 million.

The rapid growth of Simbo.dk can be attributed to the extensive experience of the management teams within the fintech industry. The founder and CEO of Simbo.dk, Toms Jurjevs, has 8 years experience in top executive positions with online short-term consumer lending market leaders. He has overseen businesses in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Armenia and Romania. In addition, the local Managing Director for the Danish market, Stefan Agergaard Hansen, has executive experience from multiple short-term lending providers including in the peer-to-peer industry. He has overseen operations and business development in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Poland and Finland.

Placet Group loan originator has launched on Mintos p2p lending marketplace

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Placet Group is a leading non-bank credit provider in Estonia that issues secured and unsecured loans to individuals and legal entities with a focus on personal and short-term loans. The group was established in 2005 and launched its first brand on the Estonian market in 2007. Since then the group has launched additional brands in Estonia and started issuing loans in Lithuania in 2011 and Poland in 2015. The group prioritises an individual approach to customers, a high-quality service and operational efficiency and transparency.

Now you have the opportunity to invest on Mintos peer-to-peer lending marketplace in personal loans issued in Estonia. In Estonia, the company issues its loans under its brands smsmoney.ee, smsraha.ee, laen.ee . Take advantage of this great opportunity to earn net annual returns of up to 10% now.

Placet Group is a well-established non-bank finance lender. It started its operations more than a decade ago in 2005 and launched its first brand in Estonia in 2007. Since then, the group has launched more brands in Estonia and started its operations in Lithuania and Poland. It aims to give its customers an individual approach, high-quality and fast service and transparency. These values have attracted over 125 000 unique customers in Estonia.

“We have been watching Mintos for a long time and the marketplace has demonstrated rapid growth and has achieved magnificent success in the investment market. We know success does not come without effort and the team behind Mintos is made up of hard-working professionals. In Mintos, we see a strong, reliable and professional partner in investments and with the help of the marketplace, we plan to increase our market share and also consider the possibility of entering new credit markets,” says Gennadi Krotov, CEO of Placet Group OÜ.

The average Estonia-issued personal loan from Placet Group on Mintos is around EUR 500, the total range of loans from the company on the marketplace is EUR 100 to EUR 7 500. The repayment period ranges from 30 days up to 5 years, although 30 days to one year is the most common repayment period. You can expect a net annual return of up to 10%.

All loans from Placet Group come with the buyback guarantee. This means, if a loan is delinquent for more than 60 days the loan originator will repurchase the loan. The company will also keep 5% skin in the game, to ensure its interests align with those of investors. Placet Group has a history of low delinquency rates. The percentage of its loan portfolio that is delinquent is around 5%.

Placet Group is well capitalised with an equity-to-assets ratio of 73% and since 2007, has disbursed around 550 000 loans in Estonia worth EUR 180 million. At the end of 2017, its net loan portfolio in Estonia amounted to EUR 15 million while achieving a turnover of EUR 6.2 million and a profit of EUR 2 million. The company expects stable growth and profits for future years in its home market.

Aforti Factor Joins Viventor p2p lending marketplace

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Viventor is happy to announce another partnership with a new loan originator from Poland – Aforti Factor SA.

Established in the beginning of 2018 Aforti Factor SA is one of the fastest growing non-bank invoice financing providers in Poland. The company is backed by Aforti Holding, a well-known Polish financial services provider listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

During the first 6-month of operations Aforti Factor AS has serviced more than EUR 1’500’000 worth of invoices, ranging from EUR 25 – EUR 200’000. Currently the company employs 12 people and is rapidly expanding across the country to meet the growing demand for their product.

‘’So far May has been the most successful month for Aforti Factor. The Operational Department accepted invoices worth almost PLN 1.8 million (EUR 420’000), an increase of 24% compared to the previous month. As we already have had a successful partnership with Viventor and Aforti Finance, we’re looking forward to offer our new product to the investors on the platform” says Jacek Książek, the managing director of Aforti Factor SA.

Aforti Factor SA loans on Viventor marketplace

  • 25-200000 EUR in size
  • 7-90 days in duration
  • 11%-12% projected annual return
  • 60 day Buyback guarantee

Aforti Factor will offer its invoice loans with maturities starting from 7 up to 90 days. The company will maintain 5% skin in the game stake in every single loan and start by offering a projected return of around 12%p.a. On top of that, all of Aforti Factor loans will be secured by a 60-day Buyback Guarantee.

Stik Credit Joins Viventor peer-to-peer lending marketplace

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Viventor is pleased to welcome a new loan originator from Bulgaria – Stik Credit AD.

Established in 2013 Stik Credit AD provides short and medium term consumer loans. The company currently employs 26 people and has 11 offices across the country.

Since the inception, Stik Credit has issued more than 18’000 loans with the total worth exceeding EUR 5’000’000. The average loan is around 277 EUR for a 5.2 months period. Due to the company’s robust risk management, the delinquency rate (60+ days) has decreased below 15%.

“Even though, we have been financed entirely by equity of our founding shareholders and retained profit, we have seen stable growth over the years. Cooperation with Viventor is the next logical step to accelerate our growth and offer an even better experience to our customers,” comments Hristina Todorova, executive director of Stik Credit.

Stik Credit AD loans on Viventor marketplace

  • 50-2500 EUR in size
  • 1-24 months in duration
  • 10%-13% projected annual return
  • 60 day Buyback guarantee

Stik Credit AD will offer its single payment loans with maturities up to 1 month, as well as installment loans up to 24 months. The company will maintain 5% skin in the game stake in every single loan and start by offering an introductory projected return of around 13%p.a.

Get 5 EURO bonus and 0.5% for your investments at Envestio

Envestio logo


Envestio now offers a 5 EURO “first deposit bonus” and 0.5% bonus for your investments made during 270 days from the registration.

How the program works?

In order to get the bonuses you first must register by following THIS LINK.

The investor who completed a registration will get a EUR 5 “first deposit bonus”. This bonus is paid within 24h after at least EUR 100 is transferred to the investment account of newly registered Envestio participant.

Besides that, investors will get an additional “timespan” bonus, calculated as 0.5% of the net amount, invested through the Envestio platform by the participant during 270 days from the date of completing the registration.

How are the “first deposit” and “timespan” bonuses calculated and paid out?

Calculation and payment of “first deposit” bonus is pretty much straightforward – it is made as soon as the first deposit reaches Envestio bank account.

“Timespan” bonus is calculated and paid before the 5th date of each month for the previous month. Base for calculation is cumulative value of investments, made by the investor by the last day of previous month.

Calculated bonus amounts are transferred to the investment account of the Envestio investor. Afterwards the available funds can be invested in active projects or withdrawn to the bank account following standard funds withdrawal procedure.

For other bonuses visit our Cash-back & Bonuses page.

Lenndy peer-to-peer lending marketplace overview

Lenndy logo

Lenndy is a peer-to-peer lending marketplace, where investors can invest in loans by buying out prior issued loan rights. Using the platform operators’ technological solutions, non-banking loan administrators have the option to transfer rights of claim arising from any credit agreement. This model allows investors to redeem already committed loans and get 12-15% interest.
Loans at Lenndy are sold by loan originators, that are issuing loans for businesses only. Loan originators transfers their issued loan documentation and Lenndy operator presents them in loan list, after successful valuation results. Only 95 % of loans can be sold at Lenndy, to ensure that Loan Originator also keeps part of the loans with all investors, who made the investment. Lending Marketplace is named as a P2P 2.0 version, because users are investing in already issued loans, and borrowers doesn’t have to wait until all the amount will be collected from many investors.

If you invest for the first time at Lenndy don’t forget that you can get € 10 bonus if you invest minimum 100 EURO in one or more loans, more details HERE.

What type of investments can be made?

Investors can select among many loans issued by loan originators. Currently, our loan originators issue secured car loans, mortgage loans, invoice factoring or other business loans. Most of the loans have pledged collateral and buyback guarantee provided by respective loan originators.
There are two types of loans – 1) secured loans with collateral and 2) unsecured loans without any collateral. For secured loans collateral may be real estate in the case of a mortgage loan, a vehicle in the case of a car loan or equipment in the case of a business loan as well as many other types of collateral as indicated at the description of each loan.

Who is eligible to invest?

Both individuals and entities can invest through Lenndy. Individual investors must be at least 18 years old and have an active Paysera account with III or IV identification Level. Businesses can invest at Lenndy after the owner or the authorized person reaches Level III or Level IV at Paysera bank.

In what currencies can investments be made?

All investments are made in EURO.


Before the investment it is important to know:
1. the platform operators rules and loan and privacy policy;
2. the information about loan in which you want to invest:
– repayment conditions;
– obligations of all parties;
– pledged assets and other guarantors (e.g. personal guarantee);
– cases and sanctions of delays in the payment of contributions;

How the free registration works?

1. The investor registers to the platform.
2. Verifies the e-mail address.
3. Registers with the online bank „PAYSERA“ system and carry out the transfer to the platform account, this way confirming his identity.
4. The investor gets acquainted with submitted business loans on the platform.
5. Invests in selected business loan;
6. The investor can see all the information about the loans and contributions that are displayed in his account.

Loan originator‘s buyback guarantee is one of the key advantages for Lenndy investors, which means that loan originator buys back outstanding loan amount with interest from investors when borrower fails to pay for 60 days. Buyback guarantee is valid for loans with buyback icon.
When investing funds, you should be prepared to hold the investment through to its maturity date. However, Lenndy offers a secondary market that may provide liquidity in certain circumstances. Lenndy, as a market maker, may also buy back an investment by entering into a mutual agreement with you.
Also, keep in mind that sometimes you might receive monthly principal and interest payments, which will reduce your investment in a respective loan over time.


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