Get 5 EURO bonus and 0.5% for your investments at Envestio

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Envestio now offers a 5 EURO “first deposit bonus” and 0.5% bonus for your investments made during 270 days from the registration.

How the program works?

In order to get the bonuses you first must register by following THIS LINK.

The investor who completed a registration will get a EUR 5 “first deposit bonus”. This bonus is paid within 24h after at least EUR 100 is transferred to the investment account of newly registered Envestio participant.

Besides that, investors will get an additional “timespan” bonus, calculated as 0.5% of the net amount, invested through the Envestio platform by the participant during 270 days from the date of completing the registration.

How are the “first deposit” and “timespan” bonuses calculated and paid out?

Calculation and payment of “first deposit” bonus is pretty much straightforward – it is made as soon as the first deposit reaches Envestio bank account.

“Timespan” bonus is calculated and paid before the 5th date of each month for the previous month. Base for calculation is cumulative value of investments, made by the investor by the last day of previous month.

Calculated bonus amounts are transferred to the investment account of the Envestio investor. Afterwards the available funds can be invested in active projects or withdrawn to the bank account following standard funds withdrawal procedure.

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