Stik Credit Joins Viventor peer-to-peer lending marketplace

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Viventor is pleased to welcome a new loan originator from Bulgaria – Stik Credit AD.

Established in 2013 Stik Credit AD provides short and medium term consumer loans. The company currently employs 26 people and has 11 offices across the country.

Since the inception, Stik Credit has issued more than 18’000 loans with the total worth exceeding EUR 5’000’000. The average loan is around 277 EUR for a 5.2 months period. Due to the company’s robust risk management, the delinquency rate (60+ days) has decreased below 15%.

“Even though, we have been financed entirely by equity of our founding shareholders and retained profit, we have seen stable growth over the years. Cooperation with Viventor is the next logical step to accelerate our growth and offer an even better experience to our customers,” comments Hristina Todorova, executive director of Stik Credit.

Stik Credit AD loans on Viventor marketplace

  • 50-2500 EUR in size
  • 1-24 months in duration
  • 10%-13% projected annual return
  • 60 day Buyback guarantee

Stik Credit AD will offer its single payment loans with maturities up to 1 month, as well as installment loans up to 24 months. The company will maintain 5% skin in the game stake in every single loan and start by offering an introductory projected return of around 13%p.a.

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