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Why do so many frauds appear in the crypto world?


The truth is that in no field of investment are there as many wrong opinions as there are about cryptocurrencies.

And in the online environment there are not only erroneous ideas, but also numerous misinformation and outright frauds.

There are several reasons why this happens:

1. The cryptocurrency field is very, very young

Blockchain technology and the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, were born in 2009, so only 13 years ago.

On the scale of history, this literally means YESTERDAY!

It is no exaggeration, if you consider the fact that classic instruments such as shares or bonds have been traded for several hundred years.

Not to mention real estate or precious metals, which have been known for several thousand years…

Therefore, being a field that is JUST at the beginning, it is normal that it is very little known.

Not only is the number of specialists reduced, but also the ideas that reach ordinary people are often distorted, because they come from people who really don’t know what they are talking about.

2. The field of cryptocurrencies is very innovative

Here we are dealing with some ideas that have the ability to change completely, to revolutionize many other fields.


  • the way we transfer money from one to another and the way we make payments;
  • the way we store the value;
  • the way we lend money, or make other types of contracts between us;
  • the decentralized way of approach, in which the center is no longer the “system” or any authority, but even the consumer, i.e. the common man.

Being such an innovative field, cryptocurrency technology will bring many changes.

That’s why the old financial institutions (including banks) are scared by these changes and are doing everything possible to “put rust on the blade” of these innovations.

Including through intentional misinformation.

3. The field of cryptocurrencies brings a lot of money

There is a real connection between the field of cryptocurrencies and the idea of making money. Sometimes a lot of money.

Because this was possible in the past, under certain conditions, and it is likely to be possible in the future (also, under certain conditions).

And every time the idea of a lot of money comes up – as it happened in the past with every “gold rush” – 2 things happen:

  • on the one hand, many ordinary people let their imagination run wild and end up making extremely wrong decisions, which bring them great losses;
  • on the other hand, there are fraudsters and thieves, who push people to make extremely wrong decisions.

Esketit investment platform overview

Esketit platform is an investment platform, allowing private and institutional investors to invest in issued loans. The loans available for investment on the Platform are issued to private individuals all over the world.

The microfinancial companies issuing the loans are called Loan Originators and are using the funds raised on the Platform as working capital in order to expand their lending volumes.

Esketit Platform Limited is registered in Ireland with legal address 77 Lower Camden Street Dublin, D02 XE80. The operational offices are located in Riga, Latvia, Uriekstes Street, 2a-24, LV – 1005.

Anyone who is at least 18 years old and older and has a bank account of the EU or EEA can become an investor.

In order to invest you need to register on the Esketit Platform, confirm your email address, complete the identity verification process by providing either a National ID or a passport, and verify your bank account.

You can verify your account after your identity is confirmed. To do so, you need to transfer funds to one of the bank accounts listed on our website. This allows you to connect your bank account to your Investor profile. You only need to do this once. With us, the minimal investment is just 10€.

The investment opportunities in loans are listed in Euros. The loan originators are receiving funding in Euros and handling currency risks themselves.

Once the investment has been made, it is transferred directly to the Loan Originator. Your principal is repaid to you at the maturity date, which is stated for each project. Monthly, you will receive the interest payment for your investment.

I order to exit earlier from a projesct it is possible to place your investment for sale on the Secondary Market. If another investor agrees to buy your listing for your set price with discount or premium, or at par, you exit your investment before the maturity date.

Loans could also be finished by the borrower or loan originator faster than its maturity date.

Esketit platform could also consider rebuying those loans from you with a 1% discount in case you have such an urgent need. Please contact us at support@esketit.com to arrange this.

You can automate the investment process using Auto-Invest. Auto-Invest is the possibility to choose your investment criteria, such as preferred interest rate, maximum and minimum investment per deal, maturity date, and the system will automatically invest your money as long as your account balance is sufficient, and the deals are available for investment.

Don’t forget: if you register through this link  you get 1% cashback bonus during the first 90 days.

For other bonuses visit our Cash-back & Bonuses page.


New investment project announced by Bulkestate – Amālijas Street – 2nd stage

Bulkestate - Amālijas Street

Bulkestate announced today that it is preparing to launch a new investment project: Amālijas Street – 2nd stage.

Launch time: Friday / August 7, 2020 / 17:00 (EEST)

Investment opportunity

Interest rate: 14% (+1%)*
Investment target: 150 000 EUR
Loan period: 12 months
FLTV: 15%
Security: mortgage

*Bulkestate incentive payment

For this project Bulkestate offers the following special incentive pay (cash-back) for investors by sharing part of its fee received from the client:

  • Investors making EUR 10,000 or larger investments will receive a 1% incentive payment from the invested amount.
If you invest for the first time at Bulkestate don’t forget that you can get 5 EUR cashback bonus after the first investment. You can register here for the new offer.


For other bonuses visit our Cash-back & Bonuses page.

New investment project announced by Brickstarter – Santiago Terry – Cadiz

Brickstarter logo

Brickstarter announced today that it is preparing to launch a new investment project in Spain: Santiago Terry – Cadiz.

Brickstarter - Santiago Terry - Cadiz

Brickstarter – Santiago Terry – Cadiz

If you invest for the first time at Brickstarter don’t forget that you can get 15 EURO registration bonus and 0.5% bonus for your investments made during 90 days from the registration. In order to get the bonuses you first must register by following THIS LINK. and during registration use the promo code: BRICKS.

Perfectly located in the Old Town, the one with the greatest condensation of urban historical attractions. It is the postal code with highest average income per apartment and less seasonality.

A small apartment, very bright, with one bedroom and one bathroom, but up to 6 guests. This will help Brickstarter to maximize the occupation rate as the apartment is suitable for couples and up to small groups of 6 persons. They will also increase the income as they will be charging an extra fee for the 5th and 6th guest.

Investment opportunity

Operation Total: 149.429,69 €
Mortgage:  0,00 €
Total to finance: 149.429,69 €
Internal Rate of Return (IRR): 10,54%
Gross Rent Return: 11,81%
Net Rent Return: 5,3 %
Cash on Cash: 6,24%
Return on Equity (ROE): 5,30% 

New Grupeer project – Eidsvoll in Norway

Grupeer logo

Grupeer informed today that a new investment opportunity will be available at the portal to all registered participants: Development project from Norway Eidsvoll.

Investment opportunity

Loan amount: 700 000 EUR
Loan period: 12 months
Interest rate: 13%
Loan originator: Primo invest SIA
Country: Norway

BuyBack guarantee in case of borrower’s payments delay for more than 60 days.

SIA Primo Invest issues a loan to Norwegian Company to finance the development project in Eidsvoll, Norway for the total amount of 700,000 EUR for the duration of 12 months. Overall value of the contract is 1,469,000 EUR.

Eidsvoll project

Eidsvoll project

7 economic facts making Norway a smart investment

  1. Oil, is it good or is it bad?

Norway is an oil rich country, however it has escaped “oil curse”- meaning they don’t rely on oil income and don’t hesitate generating economic growth from other industries. Instead, most of the revenue from oil extraction goes to massive $1 trillion sovereign wealth fund which holds 1% of all world’s equities. If divided by each citizen, it will make every one of them a millionaire in local currency! Norway saves all this money for future generations and spends on public projects less than 4%. Depending on oil income makes country very vulnerable to the volatile oil prices and creates uncertainty. But in Norway, even when oil will run out, the wealth fund will serve as a “cushion”. However, it is not going to happen in the near future, besides that, in the fjords around the mainland there are vast stocks of oil yet to be discovered.

  1. One of the richest per head

Northern Kingdom has one of the highest GDP per capita- it is ranked 4th by World Bank after Luxemburg, Macao and Switzerland. The source of Norway’s riches is oil, and with relatively small population just over 5 million people GDP per capita is impressive $75,000 comparing to less than $45,000 in European economic heavyweight Germany. The cost of living in Norway is very high too, but it is leveled out by high salaries and still makes Norwegian citizens better off than their Western European neighbors. Wellbeing in Norway is definitely very high, as Norway ranks among the happiest countries on earth by the UN.

  1. Egalitarian society

Norway tops 2017 index of inclusive economies, conducted by World Economic Forum. This means that Norway managed to translate high economic growth into the high living standards of its population (despite high costs of living, the spending power is still much higher in this Nordic country). First, despite that there is no statuary minimum wage floor, Norwegian workers are protected by “collective agreements”. Furthermore, 54% of workers are participating in unions, compared to 11% in the US. Additionally, Norway ranks very high in education, with accessible higher education for everyone. Also, Norway is doing well in closing the gender gap, meaning that woman have same opportunities as men in social and economic activities. Besides gender equality, Norway is ranked as a top country in income distribution measured by Gini index.

  1. Political stability

The financial crisis that happened 10 years ago, has raised negative attitude towards capitalism in many developed countries. This gives a rise to new leftist parties all over Europe, who appeal to voters, but they still don’t have a clear vision and it is not known what effect the political paradigm can have on economies. Norway, on the other hand, is long known for having a “socialist democracy” and embraced it for a long time. The key to success is its openness to globalization, income redistribution, mixed ownership (government and private) and moderate state intervention.

  1. Hot housing market

2018 is one of the best years to invest in Norwegian property. Norway has one of the highest home ownership rates among developed nations: 85%. The housing market of Scandinavia’s richest economy has seen price surge in recent years amid record low interest and fiscal stimulus from the government. There are some fears that the prices should reverse in coming years, but for now they are valued historically high and some property firms claim that high property prices are attributed to shortage of new developments.

  1. Independent

Norway is not part of the EU or currency union, but it still enjoys the benefits of single European market, thanks to European Economic Area agreement. This makes Norway independent in conducting its own strategy and deciding its monetary policy managing Norwegian Krone (NOK, or nicknamed nokkies). The Krone was thought to be “an oil currency” meaning it correlated very closely to oil prices making it vulnerable to external shocks, however recently it showed that it is becoming more independent. Let’s hope also, that the non-European membership will give Norway advantage on negotiating trade terms with US president over the protectionist tariffs he is imposing on European Union.

  1. Taking the lead

Macroeconomic variables are in order in Norway. In the last 5 years Sweden was known a as a fastest growing Scandinavian economy, but not anymore. Sweden is experiencing immigration crisis, slowing demand from its trading partners and loose monetary policy. According to recent poll conducted by Reuters, it is predicted that the GDP will grow 2.2% in Norway in 2018, while 2% in Sweden. Norway is benefiting from picking up in the oil prices and good demand for its exports. Prudent fiscal and monetary policies are adding up stability too.

New Envestio project – Crypto-mining Container Phi200

Envestio logo

Envestio informed today that a new investment opportunity is available at the portal to all registered participants.

By launching the project “Crypto-mining Container Phi200” (Project ID EN018025), Envestio continues to expand the successful cooperation with the representatives of crypto-mining industry.

This loan is fully secured by mixed collateral and personal guarantee of the main beneficiary of Ostbin Group Ltd.

As usual, you can invest any amount starting from 1 EUR. Minimum deposit to the investment account is EUR 100.

If you invest for the first time at Envestio don’t forget that you can get € 5 and a 0.5% cashback bonus for the investments made in the first nine months (270 days), more details HERE.

Investment opportunity

  • High-yielding investment in crypto-mining sector, financing of a crypto-mining hardware assembling process.
  • Secured debt, 20,5% planned annual return.
  • Investment principal buyback is available at 5% penalty rate.

Project description

Ostbin Group is a company, established by IT professionals in order to conduct different operations on the crypto-mining market, such as assembling and selling crypto-mining hardware, direct crypto-mining using own hardware as well as management of crypto-mining facilities, owned by external parties.

The company is already known to Envestio participants by its fully-financed project “Crypto-mining Farm 130GTX1080ti”. Ostbin Group is constantly developing new approaches and works only with the newest hardware on the market in order to make mining process more efficient and achieve high and stable profitability even in volatile environment, which is observed on the crypto-mining market in 2018.

This time Ostbin Group is offering a “secured debt” type investment project.

Ostbin Group has recently received a new order and signed a contract with the end customer for assembling a modern crypto-mining unit of a larger scale. Now the company is looking forward to attract co-financing with help of Envestio participants in order to complete this project. The target amount is EUR 800,000 and investment horizon constitutes 9 months – term that is necessary for purchasing and delivering the hardware, assembling the mining unit, and receiving the final payment from the customer.

The mining hardware is going to be placed inside a standard 40-ft container, equipped with industrial-type automated cooling system, allowing it to operate within approximately 70 degrees wide temperature gap (-35oC to +35oC). The hardware filling of the mining unit is formed by 200 latest generation mining servers, built on basis of Intel Xeon Phi processors. This hardware is characterized by longer lifecycle, extraordinary operational flexibility, and higher effectiveness than most of the crypto-mining solutions that are available on the market in the second half of 2018. Consequently, this mobile mining unit is going to be one of the most powerful and efficient products of those offered on the global market.


Cryptocurrency market currently experiences exponential growth with total capitalization exceeding EUR 215 billion in August, 2018. This is a rapid increase from beginning of the 2017, when gross capitalization amounted more than 10 times lower number, i.e. EUR 20 billion. The market remains highly volatile, however, the technology behind it is constantly developing and the involved number of important players is growing.

Bitcoin remains the leading currency on the market with around 47% of total capitalization value. It is followed by Etherium with 16% and Ripple on the third place with 6%.

An increasing number of traditional institutions such as central banks, stock exchanges, and even some governments are demonstrating increasing interest to the blockchain industry market.

Sample repayment schedule

Envestio participant’s investment – EUR 1 000.00

  • 08.09.2018 – EUR 17.41
  • 08.10.2018 – EUR 16.85
  • 08.11.2018 – EUR 17.41
  • 08.12.2018 – EUR 16.85
  • 08.01.2019 – EUR 17.41
  • 08.02.2019 – EUR 17.41
  • 08.03.2019 – EUR 15.73
  • 08.04.2019 – EUR 17.41
  • 08.05.2019 – EUR 1 016.85

Total expected return: EUR 1 153.33

How does Envestio buyback guarantee works?

Envestio logo

Since the launch of Envestio crowdinvesting platform they have been constantly receiving questions about how safe the investments are, and what is the legal protection of investors in case of borrower’s default. Although, some information is available in different sections of Envestio website, we feel that there is a need to summarize it in a more concentrated format using this article.
In addition, the article provides a detailed description of how exactly investment repurchase (or buyback) guarantee works in an improbable case of borrower’s default.

Let’s start with some terminology. Currently, at Envestio there are two types of projects available to invest in – secured loans and subordinated loans:
– “Secured debt” status means that besides providing full information about the business venture and concluding necessary agreements, the investment project owner has provided Envestio with an additional legal insurance, i.e. mortgage, mixed collateral, personal guarantee.
– “Subordinated debt” status means that all financial and legal information about the project has been submitted to Envestio and the essential agreements concluded, but no additional guarantee is legally arranged.

Then, many questions are being asked about Envestio buyback or repurchase guarantee. Here is what Envestio FAQ section says:
“What if I change my mind? How does the buyback guarantee work?
Envestio buyback (or repurchase) guarantee means that any Envestio participant at any moment can sell an investment from his or her investment portfolio back to Envestio and instantly receive invested money back to his or her investment account. Since the funds, gathered via Envestio portal, constitute a certain share of total financing that is attracted to specific project, besides traditional funding from banks, Envestio is sufficiently capitalized to execute any buyback immediately.
Cost of performing buyback is calculated and shown to Envestio participant in Envestio personal area.
Please note that in some cases cost of buyback can account to substantial percentage of invested amount.

How does it work in reality, and how secured debt differs from subordinated debt? Here is an example:

Envestio participant invests EUR 1000 in a project that closes on November 30, 2018. Project assumes monthly interest payments.
– At any moment before 31/11/2018 it is possible to sell back the investment share to Envestio with 5% fee charge, i.e. for EUR 950. All interest payments, which are already received, remain in investor’s possession. This condition is the same for both secured and subordinated loans.
– In case the borrower does not repay the principal after 31/11/2018 the event of technical default takes place. After that the borrower still has 5 working days to settle the debt without legal proceedings. If this is not done, then the delay turns into standard default and Envestio, with a support of a leading Estonian debt collector agency, starts a legal process against the borrower, including execution of all guarantees that were provided.
– Investor, who invested EUR 1000 in a secured debt project, gets back 80% of the investment principal, which is EUR 800, on the next working day after the event of standard default has taken place. For the remaining 20% there is a choice: instantly get back half of this amount or wait until the debt is recovered from the borrower. As a result – at least 90% of the investment is fully secured.
– Investor, who invested EUR 1000 in a subordinated debt project is supposed to wait until the debt is recovered from the defaulted borrower using available legal instruments.

In order to provide more comfortable investing experience for the participants, Envestio is conducting negotiations with all owners of “subordinated-type” investment projects aimed at converting those into “secured-type” loans.


Fast Invest peer-to-peer lending marketplace overview

Fast Invest logo

Fast Invest is an innovative FinTech company that offers its customers the chance to invest in consumer-based loans issued in European countries. All loans in the marketplace come with Buyback and Default Guarantees.

They firmly believe that everyone should be given access to the digital investment world. Technology has evolved so much over the past few years creating a smoother, faster and more reliable money flow. Their mission is to enable cross-border investing for every European citizen. The goal is to achieve this by building a stable, secure platform that makes it possible for users to invest in different countries, loan types and loan originators. Users can select from the pool of listed loans and invest in those that match their preferences.

Fast Invest’s business model provides access to investors and makes secure investing simple and accessible for anyone interested in investments and innovative ways of earning. Users can select from the pool of listed loans and invest in the one’s meeting their preferences, earning up to 14% in interest.

Fast Invest can offer better terms than traditional banks because they exclude unnecessary intermediaries from the process, thus allowing investors to save money that would have been otherwise spent on commissions and fees for third party services.

Overall FinTech (Financial Technology) companies are more flexible in terms of rates and operational costs than other organisations in the traditional banking sector. FinTech companies operate in diverse groups and incur fewer expenses than the traditional banking sector, thus providing the opportunity to give back more significant returns to the people.

How does the Fast Invest platform work?

  1. A person applies for a loan at a loan originator and prepares all the necessary documents and fills in the appropriate forms. The loan originator checks the applicant’s credit score, evaluates risk and grants the loan.
  2. Credit institutions provide the granted loans for investment. Fast Invest’s Compliance and Credit Risk Department then approves the conditions of the credit agreement and puts them on our Loan List for investment.
  3. The borrower makes monthly repayments according to the terms in the credit agreement and the payment schedule. Payment instalments are divided proportionally according to the amount invested in that particular loan for every investor.
  4. As soon as the borrower whose loan you have invested in repays his loan, you will start receiving payments of both the principal sum and the interest for that investment period. Funds are automatically transferred to your Fast Invest account. You can reinvest those funds in any available loan using the Auto Invest tool.

Opening a Fast Invest investor’s account

  1. Fill in the investor’s registration form.
  2. Add funds to your Fast Invest account.
  3. Choose a loan to invest in from the Loan List.
  4. According to the loan payment schedule, you will start receiving both repayments on the principal and the interest. Funds will be transferred to your Fast Invest account.

*NOTE: The investor must confirm his/her identity in order to request the immediate withdrawal of funds from the Fast Invest account to a personal bank account.

Investors must be at least 18 years old, have a valid email address and a personal bank account in their name in the European Union.

For the identification purposes, you must provide a national identification card (scanned or photographed both sides) or a passport (scanned or photographed).

There are three steps for Fast Invest client verification:

  1. The client must send a copy of his/her national identification document. If there are any questions or concerns relating to the identification of the client, the Compliance Office support team will request a second identification document and bill to successfully identify the client;
  2. The client receives an email which must be confirmed via the included link;
  3. The client must verify his/her phone number by entering the SMS code sent directly to his/her phone.

Companies cannot register with Fast Invest platform, or make investments.

Investing with Fast Invest platform

Right now, the platform provides consumer-based loans issued across the European Union.

All listed loans are 100% pre-funded by the Loan Originator. Moreover, the Loan Originator keeps at least a 5% stake in every single deal, proving they have “skin in the game”.

On the Loan List, you can manually filter all listed loans, and manually pick the ones aligning with your preferences by determining: term, currency, amount, interest rate, and loan origin.

By using Auto Invest, you can create a portfolio, specifying specific parameters (portfolio size, maximum investment per loan, projected interest, time to maturity, etc.). Afterwards, the A.I. system will automatically select loans that meet your specified criteria and invests in available funds continuously. You can alter the settings or stop the portfolio at any time by visiting the Auto Invest portfolio list in your account.

You can check your investment portfolio at any time from the My Investment page or check the Account Statement page for full information on account transactions.

Auto Invest loans are marked with the symbol.

What is the buyback guarantee?

If you decide to stop investing in the selected loan and sell the investment (at any time before the scheduled full payment date), Fast Invest will buy back your investment in 1 business day, guaranteed.

To sell your investment, just log in to your Fast Invest account, click the My Investment section, select the loan you would like to sell and click “sell”. After the Account Management Support Team has approved it, you will receive the funds in your Fast Invest investors account.*

*Note: always remember, when selling your investment ahead of time you will lose all interest earned through the process. However, you will get your invested funds back. An icon indicates these payments secured by the BuyBack Guarantee.

What is the default guarantee?

If a payment instalment is overdue by 3 (three) or more days, the Default Guarantee will settle the arrears. The icon will mark these payments as paid by the Default Guarantee.

On the Fast Invest platform, there are no investment limits for individual investors. You can start investing with 1 Euro.

How does the currency exchange work?

The Fast Invest platform supports 4 fiat currencies – European Euro (EUR), United States Dollar (USD), United Kingdom Pound (GBP) and Polish Zloty (PLN).

The currency exchange is a simple and easy process.

  1. On the exchange page, select which currency you want to convert to.
  2. Enter the desired amount in one of the input fields.
  3. Confirm the transaction.

Currency exchange rates are calculated via rates from the European Central Bank.

Lenndy peer-to-peer lending marketplace overview

Lenndy logo

Lenndy is a peer-to-peer lending marketplace, where investors can invest in loans by buying out prior issued loan rights. Using the platform operators’ technological solutions, non-banking loan administrators have the option to transfer rights of claim arising from any credit agreement. This model allows investors to redeem already committed loans and get 12-15% interest.
Loans at Lenndy are sold by loan originators, that are issuing loans for businesses only. Loan originators transfers their issued loan documentation and Lenndy operator presents them in loan list, after successful valuation results. Only 95 % of loans can be sold at Lenndy, to ensure that Loan Originator also keeps part of the loans with all investors, who made the investment. Lending Marketplace is named as a P2P 2.0 version, because users are investing in already issued loans, and borrowers doesn’t have to wait until all the amount will be collected from many investors.

If you invest for the first time at Lenndy don’t forget that you can get € 10 bonus if you invest minimum 100 EURO in one or more loans, more details HERE.

What type of investments can be made?

Investors can select among many loans issued by loan originators. Currently, our loan originators issue secured car loans, mortgage loans, invoice factoring or other business loans. Most of the loans have pledged collateral and buyback guarantee provided by respective loan originators.
There are two types of loans – 1) secured loans with collateral and 2) unsecured loans without any collateral. For secured loans collateral may be real estate in the case of a mortgage loan, a vehicle in the case of a car loan or equipment in the case of a business loan as well as many other types of collateral as indicated at the description of each loan.

Who is eligible to invest?

Both individuals and entities can invest through Lenndy. Individual investors must be at least 18 years old and have an active Paysera account with III or IV identification Level. Businesses can invest at Lenndy after the owner or the authorized person reaches Level III or Level IV at Paysera bank.

In what currencies can investments be made?

All investments are made in EURO.


Before the investment it is important to know:
1. the platform operators rules and loan and privacy policy;
2. the information about loan in which you want to invest:
– repayment conditions;
– obligations of all parties;
– pledged assets and other guarantors (e.g. personal guarantee);
– cases and sanctions of delays in the payment of contributions;

How the free registration works?

1. The investor registers to the platform.
2. Verifies the e-mail address.
3. Registers with the online bank „PAYSERA“ system and carry out the transfer to the platform account, this way confirming his identity.
4. The investor gets acquainted with submitted business loans on the platform.
5. Invests in selected business loan;
6. The investor can see all the information about the loans and contributions that are displayed in his account.

Loan originator‘s buyback guarantee is one of the key advantages for Lenndy investors, which means that loan originator buys back outstanding loan amount with interest from investors when borrower fails to pay for 60 days. Buyback guarantee is valid for loans with buyback icon.
When investing funds, you should be prepared to hold the investment through to its maturity date. However, Lenndy offers a secondary market that may provide liquidity in certain circumstances. Lenndy, as a market maker, may also buy back an investment by entering into a mutual agreement with you.
Also, keep in mind that sometimes you might receive monthly principal and interest payments, which will reduce your investment in a respective loan over time.

Alfakredyt has launched on Mintos p2p lending marketplace and offers investment opportunities from Poland

Mintos logo

There are now more investment opportunities in Euro (EUR) and Polish zloty (PLN) on Mintos! Alfakredyt has just launched on the marketplace and offers you the opportunity to invest in its short-term Poland-issued loans and earn net annual returns of up to 11%.

Alfakredyt was established in 2013 in Poland and since its inception around 150 000 loans have been disbursed worth EUR 55.5 million. The company offers loans up to PLN 4 000 (around EUR 900) and it prides itself on its fast service – borrowers can receive funds in their account within 15 minutes once their application has been accepted. The company’s fast product and high-quality customer service have attracted more than 43 500 customers since its inception. 89% of the company’s currently active borrowers are repeat borrowers.

“We are pleased to join Mintos because it has a vast investor database, impeccable reputation and transparent methods of cooperation. We believe this will help us to increase the volume of disbursed loans and better serve our borrowers, whilst also offer investors on Mintos the opportunity to invest in loans listed in PLN and diversify their loan portfolios,” says Aleksejs Gromovs, Member of the Board at Alfakredyt.

On Mintos, the average Poland-issued loan from Alfakredyt available for investment is around EUR 400 and PLN 1 800 with a maturity of up to 30 days. You can expect net annual returns of up to 11% for all of Alfakredyt’s loans. All loans from the company will come with the buyback guarantee, and additionally, it will maintain 10% skin in the game to ensure its interests are aligned with those of investors.

Alfakredyt has an effective CRM system which has allowed the company to make nearly 80% of the business completely automated, and other processes semi-automated. This means there is less room for mistakes and allows it to run efficiently and cost-effectively. The company has also developed an automated scoring system, which is based on several factors – databases, in-depth automatic analysis based on historical data (similar to Big data) and personal experience of management. All of this combined means borrowers can get access to funds incredibly quickly and allows Alfakredyt to make the best decision when approving a loan.

As of December 31, 2017, Alfakredyt had a net profit of almost EUR 188 000 and a net revenue of more than EUR 3.1 million. Currently, the company has a net loan portfolio of EUR 4.14 million.


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