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Get 0.5% cashback bonus for your investments made on EstateGuru

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EstateGuru now offers a 0.5% cashback bonus for your investments made during the first 3 months from the registration.

How the program works?

In order to get the bonus you first must register by following THIS LINK.

The investor who completed a registration will get a 0.5% cashback bonus for the investments made in the first 3 months. Calculated bonus amounts are transferred to the investment account of the EstateGuru investor.

For other bonuses visit our Cash-back & Bonuses page.

A look into EstateGuru’s loan portfolio – June 2018

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Since the beginning of EstateGuru, already 367 projects with a total sum of €60 094 383 have been funded on the platform. All these projects have been done in 5 countries: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and Spain. In the following blog article, we give an overview of the EstateGuru loan portfolio in a short and informative analysis.

The EstateGuru loan portfolio is mostly divided into 3 types of loans: bridge loans, development loans and business loans. Bridge loans are defined as short-term real estate loans that provide the property owner the necessary capital until a permanent solution for financing has become available. A development loan is used to develop the property, that ranges from construction works to excavation works, i.e. development of area infrastructure, including utilities and roads. A business loan is a mortgage loan that is used to finance the capital needs of a company’s expansion, secured with a collateral that the company owns.

EstateGuru - outstanding loan portfolio by loan type

EstateGuru – outstanding loan portfolio by loan type (%)

Over a half of EstateGuru’s outstanding loan portfolio are bridge loans, with nearly a quarter of business loans and a bit over 1/4 of development loans. This shows the popularity of bridge loans to finance the capital needs of real estate developers and entrepreneurs.

Now let’s take a closer look at EstateGuru’s outstanding loan portfolio by country

EstateGuru - loan portfolio by country

EstateGuru – loan portfolio by country (%)

Since EstateGuru started its journey in Estonia and only later expanded to other countries, it might not come as a surprise that the highest amount of loans had been funded in Estonia. The country is currently enjoying an economic boom, which ensures that a lot of property developers are using the opportunity to get financing on good terms. 77% of EstateGuru’s whole loan portfolio has been done in Estonia, with Lithuania trailing at 11% and Latvia coming third at 9%. In 2018, EstateGuru also expanded to Finland and Spain, with the first projects on both respective markets already funded.

EstateGuru - loan portfolio by loan status

EstateGuru – loan portfolio by loan status (%)

Already 148 loans of 367 have been repaid on the EstateGuru platform as of today with a total principal returned amount of €23.7 million. This makes up about 36% of the whole portfolio. 2 loans with a combined sum of €360 000 are currently listed as “defaulted” with the sales processes of the collaterals ongoing. 1 defaulted project was recovered and investors gained a 13,72% return from this project.

EstateGuru offers secured loans

All of the projects on the EstateGuru platform are backed by a collateral. This ensures that in case a borrower is not able to repay his loan, then EstateGuru is able to take steps to make sure that the investors still receive their money. The main security against this is ensuring that the loan has a 1st or 2nd rank mortgage attached to it.

EstateGuru - loan portfolio security types

EstateGuru – loan portfolio security types (%)

As seen on the graph, a majority of the projects on EstateGuru are secured with a 1st rank mortgage as only 7% of the whole portfolio is secured with a 2nd rank mortgage. This means that in most cases, EstateGuru has all the rights to the underlying collateral.

Furthermore, all of the collaterals are either commercial real estate, residential real estate or land, which leaves the liquidity of the collaterals at a high level. This can be proved further on the following graph.

EstateGuru - loan portfolio collateral types

EstateGuru – loan portfolio collateral types (%)

61% of the projects on the platform are secured by residential real estate – be it a private house or apartments. A quarter of all loans are secured by a land plot and 14% are secured by commercial real estate like office spaces or a warehouse.

In conclusion, EstateGuru’s loan portfolio is already over €60 million and growing every day. The average return for investors today is 12.32%. In 2018 they are looking to open up even more investing opportunities for the investors by expanding into new countries and increasing the number of projects in the Baltics as well.

Source: EstateGuru.co

EstateGuru secures its first institutional credit line from a German bank

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EstateGuru, the European leading cross-border marketplace for short-term property loans has secured its first institutional credit line to be invested into loans originated in the Baltic market.

EstateGuru CEO and co-founder Marek Pärtel comments:

“Establishing the EstateGuru – Varengold cooperation is a proof of having found a mutually beneficial cooperation model between a traditional financial institution and a fintech company. This is a clear sign that building a diversified portfolio of property backed loans is a very appealing instrument for institutional investors. Our Pan-European retail investor base is still the main source of capital. However, establishing a cooperation with Varengold Bank and other institutional investors enables EstateGuru to grow faster by offering a wider variety of property backed loans to our entire investor base and raise the flexibility of loan terms to our borrowers. Without a doubt it is an important milestone for EstateGuru in moving closer to our goal of becoming the leading provider of flexible property backed finance solutions in Europe. We still see many SME-s and property developers who are struggling to get property backed finance from traditional financial institutions due to highly regulated and lengthy processes. EstateGuru has a clear vision and roadmap to bridge the gaps left open in the property finance industry.”

EststeGuru COO Mihkel Stamm adds:

“Establishing a cooperation with Varengold Bank is an unprecedented assurance of the quality of EstateGuru’s business processes. The due diligence process was thorough and lengthy, during which Varengold’s representatives were convinced of EstateGuru’s product, procedures and the people behind the business.“

Since the establishment in 2014 EstateGuru’s investor base of over 11 000 investors have funded in excess of €50 million of secured property loans in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and Spain with zero losses to investors to date. With the recent developments, including entering 2 new markets in 2018 Q1, establishing an institutional credit line and an ongoing equity round, the firm is setting goals for the next European markets, to establish its Pan-European reach in coming years.

About Varengold Bank AG

Varengold Bank AG is a German private bank, headquartered in Hamburg. Varengold is the leading provider of products and services to the Marketplace Lending Industry

Founded in 1995 as an asset management boutique seeking to offer individual and high-performing financial products for private and institutional clients. In 2013, Varengold was granted a commercial banking license when it transformed into to fully fledged commercial bank.

Varengold Bank AG is registered with the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) under number 109 520 and has been listed at Deutsche Börse in Frankfurt since the 20th of March 2007 (ISIN DE0005479307, WKN 547930). Varengold Bank AG is also connected to the Compensatory Fund of German Banks (EdB).

EstateGuru peer-to-peer cross-border lending marketplace overview


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NEW: The peer-to-peer lending marketplace EstateGuru offers now a 0.5% bonus on all your investments made in the first 3 months. To receive it, you must register, comply with the terms and conditions and start investing. The bonus will be added to your investment account after the loan has been funded and transfered to the borrower.

EstateGuru is a leading Nordic online peer-to-peer lending platform established by property and FinTech professionals facilitating short- and mid-term property loans. The cross-border marketplace offers flexible terms for borrowers and premium interest to its investors. The loans of EUR 50 000- 3 000 000 facilitated through the EstateGuru platform are secured against property with a maximum LTV of 75%.

The mission of EstateGuru is to provide hassle free and flexible financing to property developers and entrepreneurs and property backed investment opportunities to its international investor base.

To date EstateGuru has been growing more than 300% a year and has established itself in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania with more than 314 loans issued amounting to over €51 million. To date, EstateGuru has more than 11200 investors of different profile from 45 countries.

In the near future EstateGuru is launching the platform in Spain, Ireland and the UK.

How does it work?

A property owner, developer or entrepreneur proposes a business case for which they need funding. The professional team at EstateGuru will examine the application, and commission an independent valuation by a recognized third party.

If the independent review of the value of security, and the analysis of EstateGuru team’s due diligence, including of the borrower business plan and exit strategy is positive, the loan will be opened for investment. Within ten days of funding being successfully achieved through the platform, EstateGuru will set a charge on the property, releasing the funds to the borrower.

At EstateGuru Lenders earn interest on a monthly basis through the term of the loan, at rates that exceed most of the standard investment vehicles. Borrowers can quickly and efficiently raise competitively priced capital to bring their projects to life. Asset backed investing and borrowing has never been easier.

Who is eligible to invest?

You must be at least 18 years old and have a bank account any of the EEA member states or in Switzerland in order to lend through EstateGuru. EstateGuru also have to perform certain “know your customer” checks on you before you can start investing.

Using this referral link when you signup you will receive a 0.5% bonus of the total amount invested within the first three months.

What type of projects can be founded on EstateGuru?

Real estate projects in Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania which are approved by our team can access funding through EstateGuru. However, there is no limitation on the type of projects that can be submitted for approval. As long as the project has a property element to it and the property is capable of being used as security for the debt, please feel free to submit it for approval.


EstateGuru makes it easy for investors to access a variety of real estate investments with a relatively small amount of capital. The minimum amount for investment is €50, which enables to create a diversified portfolio. All loans are secured with a mortgage.

The minimum investment amount is €50 and no fees apply to investors. All expenses are covered by the borrower.

Both manual and auto-investment are availabile. Auto Invest is a feature that allows you to invest your funds automatically in all loans available for investing on the EstateGuru platform.

The main keywords for the Auto Invest feature are comfort, speed and automatization.

• Auto Invest ensures you will not miss an investment opportunity due to high demand and the investment will be placed based on your chosen criteria automatically, without you having to stress about it;

• Auto Invest enables you to build a diversified portfolio, in which all the projects are chosen by a professional team who stands for the success of your investments;

• Auto Invest enables you to reinvest your income at the earliest opportunity. This way you start earning interest on committed funds as soon as possible.

EstateGuru in numbers

  • Money lent: 52 579 833 EUR
  • Total value of propertie funded: 101 878 932 EUR
  • Number of funded loans: 324
  • Number of repaid loans: 127
  • Number of loans in default: 2
  • Recovered loans: 1
  • Registered investors from 45 countries: 11 638
  • Historical annual return of repaid loans since 2014: 12.44%

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