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Bulkestate OU is a real estate crowdfunding platform with a focus on funding new development or re-development projects as well as structuring group buying deals to acquire small size (such as one apartment) real estate at wholesale prices (sales price of an entire building). Bulkestate was founded and commence operations since 2016.

Bulkestate operations are regulated by general commercial legislation of Estonia and European Union. In order to operate as a financial institution, Bulkestate has received a financial institution license in Estonia.

The main difference between Bulkestate and other real estate crowdfunding platforms is a combination of both lending and group-buying services. It provides an efficient solution if initial loan arrangements fail and they might have to foreclose and sell the real estate mortgage. This way the security of the investment project increases, providing more guarantees for the investors. A significant part of their team are experts in the field of real estate development and organisation of the sales process, which is another important differentiator as they have hands-on experience with the due diligence and approval process. Furthermore, they have the necessary capacity to take over management of projects, which do not proceed as planned and deliver the promised result.

Who is eligible to invest?

Any company or any person over the age of 18 can invest in any of the active investment opportunities on the Bulkestate platform.

The minimum investment is 50 EUR. There are no restrictions on the investment amount, yet it cannot exceed the loan amount. Investments may be made several times till the investors reach the goal of the funding for the particular investment object.


Bulkestate has clear and strict guidelines when selecting investment projects to offer for the investors. The main prerequisite is clarity in the planned repayment of the loan, which may depend on the market demand for specific properties, quality of the project and quality of the development project team. We carefully evaluate the demand for the particular real estate property. Thus, primarily the saleability of properties is assessed as well as the security of exit options upon completion of the project. Also, the general policy is to finance loans where LTV is 70% or less.

Group-buying deals

You can keep an eye on your investments in your Bulkestate user account. Your account displays aGroup buying deal or bulk-deal occurs when an owner of an apartment building wants to sell all apartments (entire building) at once. We publish the offer on our platform giving a chance to purchase one or more apartments in the building. The deal is successful if all apartments are bought, meaning that there is a potential buyer for every apartment in the building and a bulk-deal can take place.ll pending investments.

In group-buying, you are buying an entire apartment and receive the full legal owner title, yet you cannot make an investment in one of the apartments.

How can funds be transfered

To add money to your account, choose an option “Add funds”, set the deposit amount and make a transfer from your bank account (minimum of EUR 50). The bank transfer typically takes 3 to 5 business days to complete after initiating a deposit. Bulkestate makes your funds available in your account as soon as the payment is received.


There are two ways to invest in loans: manual investing or automatic investing using Autoinvest.

Auto Invest is an investment tool that automatically invests available funds on behalf of investors, basing on their chosen criteria. Once investors set their investment criteria, Auto Invest automatically places orders for matching settings. Investors can review, adjust or pause Auto Invest at any time. There are no additional costs for using Auto Invest.






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