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You can earn a cashback up to 4% on selected GetBucks loans on Mintos p2p lending marketplace

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GetBucks is the most recent loan originator to offer cashback for long-term investments on Mintos peer-to-peer lending marketplace! You can now earn a cashback of up to 4% for investing in GetBucks loans with a maturity of one year or more. You can get a cashback of:

  • – 1% for investing in GetBucks loans with a maturity of 12 to 23 months;
  • – 2% for investing in GetBucks loans with a maturity of 24 to 35 months;
  • – 3% for investing in GetBucks loans with a maturity of 36 to 47 months;
  • – 4% for investing in GetBucks loans with a maturity of 48 months or more.

This offer is only for a limited time, you have until April 13, 2018, to participate in the GetBucks cashback campaign. The company offers to invest in loans issued in Poland, Botswana, Kenya, and Zambia.

If you want to receive the cashback on your investments, you need to be enrolled in the campaign before making the investment. Only investments made on the Mintos primary market qualify.

GetBucks was the first loan originator on Mintos to offer investment opportunities in Africa. The company joined Mintos in June 2017, and investors have since funded more than EUR 4.9 million worth of GetBucks loans on Mintos. The average weighted net return for investors has been 10.5%. GetBucks offers personal and short-term loans from Botswana, Kenya, Poland and Zambia in euro (EUR) on the Mintos marketplace.

GetBucks is the leading fintech company in Africa, with a net loan portfolio in excess of EUR 92 million. Since its inception, the company has disbursed more than EUR 380 million in loans. GetBucks is part of the Luxembourg-registered, Frankfurt-listed MyBucks Group, which was awarded the “Best EU Financial Inclusion Company” in the 2017 edition of the European fintech Awards.

Speakers from GetBucks will be joining Mintos on March 22, 2018, for a webinar where the CEO and Corporate Finance Executive of MyBucks will reveal the latest financial data for the MyBucks Group, showcase the immense investment opportunities available in Africa and also reveal the future plans for the company and group. Be sure to stay tuned for upcoming information on the webinar.


When will I receive my cashback?

The cashback will be transferred to your Investor’s Account on Mintos within six working days from the day you make the investment.

What will happen if the loan originator will re-buy my long-term investment?

Sometimes loan originators re-buy the loans before their maturity. If this happens, you will get to keep your cashback.

Do I need to enrol each time I make a new investment?

No. To participate in the campaign, you need to enrol only once. All investments made after that will qualify for cashback.

Do investments made prior to enrolling in the campaign, qualify for cashback too?

No. Only new investments made after you have enrolled in the campaign on your Investor’s Account qualify for a cashback.

Why would I want to invest in long-term loans?

Investing long-term has many benefits. The returns offered for these loans generally are higher than returns offered on short-term loans. You get to lock-in these higher return rates for a longer period of time, thus avoiding any cash drag effect. Including longer-term loans in your investment portfolio also means better diversification in terms of loan types and borrower profiles.


For other bonuses visit our Cash-back & Bonuses page.

GetBucks offers new investment opportunities from Botswana on Mintos P2P lending marketplace

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Thanks to GetBucks the Mintos marketplace now has even more investment opportunities in Botswana. In addition to short-term loans, investors can now also invest in longer-term personal loans issued by GetBucks in Botswana.

Personal loans issued by GetBucks in Botswana have one of the lowest default rates on the market. This is due to special agreements which allow for monthly payments to be deducted from the borrower’s salary.

GetBucks personal loans in Botswana are issued by two GetBucks subsidiaries, GetBucks Botswana and TU Employee Benefits (Proprietary) Ltd. Both subsidiaries have special agreements with workers unions – GetBucks Botswana has an agreement with the Botswana Government Workers Union, while TU has an agreement with the Botswana Teachers Union.

Borrowers of both subsidiaries are mostly taking out loans for either personal consumption, or to pay for education. Larger loans are used for home and farm renovations or to purchase cattle.

Botswana-issued GetBucks loans, ranging from around EUR 82 to EUR 40 740 are now available for investment on Mintos. The repayment period is from 6 to 36 months. The expected annual net return for investors is 11-13%.

For loans that are delinquent for more than 60 days, GetBucks will provide a buyback guarantee. To maintain its skin in the game, the company will keep at least 5% of each loan available on the Mintos marketplace on its balance sheet. The obligations of GetBucks Botswana and TU will be guaranteed by the MyBucks Group.

Established in 2011, GetBucks is part of the Frankfurt-listed fintech company MyBucks. The Group operates in 12 countries across three continents – Africa, Europe and Australia. The company offers customers unsecured consumer loans, banking solutions and insurance products through its different brands.

TU was founded in 2012 and has granted EUR 27 million worth of loans. GetBucks Botswana was established in 2012 and has provided EUR 8 million worth of loans. GetBucks has three subsidiaries in Botswana – Cashcorp, GetBucks Botswana and TU. Together, they have funded EUR 35.3 million worth of loans.

The revenue for MyBucks has been growing at a rapid pace over the past four years, reaching EUR 62.2 million by the end of their fiscal year in June 2017. In the past year, the group’s operating profit has grown over 30% to EUR 14.5 million.

GetBucks joined the Mintos marketplace in June 2017, initially offering short-term personal loans for investment issued in Poland. The company began offering loans from Botswana in August 2017. GetBucks has funded loans worth EUR 2 million through Mintos.

New Mintos “Invest in long-term” cashback campaign launched

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For a limited time, Mintos is offering a bonus for investing in long-term loans. Until December 31, 2017, for each new investment you make on the primary market in loans with a maturity of two years or more, Mintos will pay an immediate cashback. The longer the loan maturity – the larger the cashback. We will offer up to 5% of the sum invested:

 Cashback amount

Maturity of loans

5% 60 months or more
4% 48 to 59 months
3% 36 to 47 months
2% 24 to 35 months


To participate in the campaign, you need to have enrolled by clicking a button on the campaign page which can be found on your Investor’s Account once you login on Mintos.

“Investing long-term has many benefits. Loans with a maturity of two years and more on average have higher interest rates. As the maturity of these loans is longer, these higher rates can be locked-in for longer as well, thus avoiding cash drag effect. Also, investing in long-term loans allows for a better diversification, because this way investors can access types of loans and borrowers that have a different profile than the average short-term loan takers. We hope that in combination with our cashback campaign, all of these benefits will help our investors reach their investment goals in a more efficient and rewarding way,” says Martins Sulte, CEO and co-founder of Mintos.

If you are a new investor, don’t forget that you can get 1% bonus of your invested amount (more info here).


For other bonuses visit our Cash-back & Bonuses page.

5 criteria to identify the best investment for you

We are all interested in identifying a good investment, that’s for sure.
But some of us are not content with just that.
There are enough people who are looking for the absolute superlative and want to find out what is the “best” investment.
So, as far as investments are concerned, the notion of “best investment” – in general terms – simply does not exist!
Because in this area everything is relative and depends very much on the preferences and peculiarities of each of us.

In other words, it’s like going to a restaurant and asking the waiter to recommend you their best meal …
Obviously, he does not know your tastes and preferences, so he would not know if you like meals based on meat (and what kind meat) or vegetarian, if you want something more consistent or a salad would be enough. In the end, the decision is largely subjective because it depends only on your particularities.
Exactly the same is true of investment.

No one can tell you from the start what is “the best investment” for the simple reason that it depends exclusively on YOU.
However, there are some criteria that you can determine if a particular investment is or is not right for you.

Here are 5 criteria according to which you can determine which is the best investment for YOU:

1. The degree of risk of the investment

The first thing we think about a certain investment is its degree of risk.
Therefore, in order to know what kind of investment we are going to (and of what kind of investment to keep away) it is very useful to know our own risk profile.
For example, if we reject the idea of risk from the start, it is best to focus on the guaranteed investments, such as bank deposits and government securities. But if we are willing to accept a certain risk, but a small one, we have low-risk investment funds.
On the other hand, if we can accept capital markets fluctuations in hopes of achieving greater long-term profits, we can opt for investment in stock exchanges or different kinds of commodities.

2. The investment profit level

We must always keep in mind the reasonable profit level that a certain type of investment can realistically bring, in order to match the degree of risk of that investment.
Only in this way can we determine the risk / reward ratio for a particular investment and thus compare different types of investments.

3. Duration of the investment

It is very important to establish from the beginning what is the minimum time interval that we are willing to stay with that amount in a certain investment.
In this way we can match the duration of an investment with its degree of risk, so we will not to get into the situation where we have to withdraw that money at a time that is less favorable.
For example, for a short or medium term, usually the most useful financial instruments are those that are guaranteed or low risk. Because the particularities of capital markets or real estate are acceptable only if we are considering a long or very long term.

4. The amount invested

However attractive it may be at one time to invest in building a block of flats or a mall, this would probably exceed our financial availability.
So finding an investment that fits both in size and flexibility with our budget is more important than just considering the profit it can bring us.

5. Location of the investment

There may be enough types of investments that seem interesting to us, at least at first glance, but some may not be accessible to everyone.
For example, if we were interested – let’s say – investing in government securities issued by India (with an annual yield of nearly 7%), we will find it hard to find a broker that have them available in its offer.
So the physical location for a particular investment as well as its availability are important elements to consider when trying to find the best investment for us.


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