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Mintos Refer-a-Friend code can not be used on blogs (for general public) anymore, instead please use the affiliate link. If you invest for the first time on Mintos don’t forget that you can get 1% cashback bonus for your investment made in the first 90 days. To get the 1% bonus please use THIS LINK.

Mintos peer-to-peer lending marketplace announce today that they have re-launched the Refer-a-Friend Program for a limited period of time.

How the program works?

In order to get the 1% bonus a promo code must be entered in the “Promo code” field during registration.

The promo code is: MINTOSCLUB.B7B9D7

Mintos will then reward both us and you with 1% of your invested amount. The reward will be calculated based on your average daily invested balance over a 3-month period – 30, 60, and 90 days after the registration date – and paid in three instalments.

For example, we refer Sara, who starts investing in loans via Mintos marketplace. After 30 days, the average balance Sara has invested over the period is EUR 3 500. Mintos will credit 1% of EUR 3 500 (EUR 35) to our investor account, and another EUR 35 to Sara’s investor account. After 60 and 90 days, Mintos will review the average invested balance again and, if it increases, credit both our and Sara’s investor account accordingly.

For other bonuses visit our Cash-back & Bonuses page.


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