Aasa signs the Diversity Charter

Aasa, an international fintech company, has signed the Diversity Charter in its Polish, Estonian and Swedish affiliates. In this way, the company committed itself to promoting cultural, ethnic and social diversity in its work environment.

The Diversity Charter is an initiative promoted by the European Commission at the pan-European level. It constitutes a commitment of organizations to counteract discrimination and, at the same time, take action aimed at creating inclusive jobs open to diversity. Signing the Charter has also a broader dimension as its Signatories work for social cohesion and equality.

Aasa, a fintech company specializing in the provision of instalment loans for individual clients and small businesses, joined the group of such companies. Aasa has recently signed the Diversity Charter in Poland, Sweden and Estonia. This is another initiative of the company, implemented as part of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainable development projects.

This way, Aasa committed itself to protecting employees against discrimination based on nationality, race, sex, health, religion, beliefs, political views, psychosexual orientation or marital status. To this end, the company will implement the principles of diversity management and the policy of equal treatment.

“Signing the Diversity Charter is an expression of our values. Our biggest advantage is the fact that we are an international and a very diversified team whose members support and respect each other on a daily basis. With this thought in mind, we can better understand the needs of a contemporary and increasingly diversified society,” says Ovais Siddiqui, President of the Management Board of Aasa Polska.

“We cordially congratulate Aasa on the implementation of provisions of the Diversity Charter wherever it is possible. We encourage all signatories of the Charter, many of which operate in many European markets, to take such broad measures. Unfortunately, this is not a common approach, which is a pity. The coherence of a company’s corporate policies is a good testimony. Above all, however, it highlights the importance of certain values for the organization such as the attitude of respect and openness towards other people. Due to close cooperation with the European Commission, we know that soon also Romania will have its Diversity Charter and I am sure that Aasa will be one of its first signatories,” says Marzena Strzelczak, Director of the Responsible Business Forum.

Aasa employs in its international branches people from Poland, Sweden, Estonia, Finland, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Romania, Ukraine and Great Britain. According to the results of the Top Employers survey, conducted by Aon Hewitt in July 2017, as many as 83% of the company’s employees say that diversity is its strongest advantage.

This is confirmed by their statements in the “Aasa Family Movie”, which shows their experience related to work at Aasa. They believe that the company is driven by values such as diversity, teamwork, trust and development opportunities. In their opinion, it is these values that create a friendly working atmosphere and contribute to the development of the organization.

The Polish branch of Aasa Polska also carries out other numerous activities in the field of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Since June 2017, it has run a nationwide social campaign Aasy Net, whose aim is to counteract digital exclusion of mature people with the support of younger generations. So far more than 30,000 people have benefited from free educational materials made available as part of the campaign. Last November, Aasa Polska joined the group of strategic partners of the Responsible Business Forum — a platform associating over 150 companies and organizations from various industries and regions of Poland, which supports companies in CSR activities and enables the exchange of their experiences in this field.

Source: Mintos.com

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