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The 12 “tricks” to make savings

When it comes to money, saving is not my favorite subject. I prefer revenue growth!
However, saving is extremely profitable, because every money you save in a project is pure profit.
Revenues are taxed. Cost reduction, no.
Consequently, it is worth talking about ways we can make savings. We have selected 12 such ways for you.
This is my favorite list of “tips and tricks” when it comes to saving money:

1. Make short-term savings goals: for example, 20 EUR a week or something of this kind.
You will be more successful with such goals than with long-term ones (6 months or one year).

2. Get used to picking up the small pocket every time you change your home clothes and put it in the same place (jerky jar, etc.)

3. When you want to buy something, do not just think about how much it costs, but how much you have to work to pay for that object.
This will help you to see things more clearly.

4. Go shopping with the list and keep up the list.
There is not much to say here. Just do this a few times and draw conclusions. ?

5. Walk.
It’s healthy.
However, it would be desirable to do at least 10,000 steps a day, and if you sit in the office, you make between 2000 and 40000 steps.
If the journey to the office takes less than an hour (6-8000 steps), it would be interesting to reduce your transportation costs while increasing your health benefits.

6. Are you sure you need all the space you live in?
You may be in favor of this …
It is possible that a better arrangement of your home will save you 100 euros per month (for example).
In 10 years, that means 12,000 euros, without taking into account any interest.
With an intelligent investment strategy, it could easily be 20,000 euros.
Could you get that money in 10 years?

7. If you have a property do a calculation in terms of investment in thermal comfort for 10 or 20 years.
You may find that investing in thermal insulation or a smart heating solution can save you thousands of euros in the long run.

8. Buy clothes on two criteria: price and durability, not just price. A shirt that is ruined after two wears is a bad deal, no matter how much it cost.

9. Renegotiates the price paid for telecommunications (telephone, internet).
As technology progresses, costs in this area are going down. As a result, most people pay extra money because they do not renegotiate their contracts.
Do not miss this opportunity!

10. Be careful to look before you have fun!
You can find excellent prices when it goes to trips. If you plan ahead and compare multiple offers, you can find incredibly convenient prices.

11. Plan your gifts!
On the same idea as in point 10, gift planning can relieve you of unnecessary expenses. The most beautiful gifts are the right ones, not the expensive ones.
But, to fit a gift with the recipient, you need to think about it a long time ago.

12. Learn how to save – that is, studying the money!
A single idea like the above, that you learn and apply, can save you tens of thousands of euros over the years.

The most beautiful part?
Any of these ideas can be transformed into life-habits – which means they become automatism and, as a result, they no longer consume energy, but they bring you money.


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