Romanian mortgage lender Extra Finance now offers loans with buyback guarantee on Mintos marketplace

A leading non-bank mortgage loan originator in Romania, Extra Finance has now added loans with a buyback guarantee to its offering on Mintos.

These new Extra Finance loans will be denominated both in euro (EUR) and Romanian Leu (RON). The loans will range from EUR 5 000 to EUR 50 000, with a repayment term of 9 to 60 months. The net annual return to investors will reach 10-11%. For each loan placed on the Mintos marketplace, Extra Finance will retain at least 10% on its balance sheet as its skin in the game.

Extra Finance joined Mintos in January 2017, offering mortgage secured loans without the buyback guarantee. The company has financed loans worth EUR 530 000 through Mintos.

Extra Finance is a Romanian non-bank lender that has operated for more than eight years. The company has branches in two Romanian cities. Last year, Extra Finance had a revenue of EUR 20.5 million, with a net profit slightly below the EUR 2 million mark. Its loan portfolio was EUR 14.6 million.

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