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Crowdestor informed today that soon there will be a chance to invest in one of the fastest growing fashion brands in Northern Europe – INCH2.

Currently loan agreement between CROWDESTOR investors and INCH2 is being finalized, indicative loan conditions are expected to be as follows:

  • Project launch: 24.10.2018
  • Loan: EUR 100 000;
  • Term: 15-18 months;
  • Fixed interest rate: 17% per year;
  • Success interest rate cap: 5% per year;
  • Fixed interest payments: Fixed interest rate is paid monthly;
  • Success interest calculation and payment: if annual turnover in year 2019 exceeds 5 million EUR, 1% bonus is paid for each 1 million EUR above the base turnover (5 million EUR). Example, if turnover in 2019 is 7 million EUR investors receive 17% base interest rate + 2% bonus interest rate, if turnover in 2019 is 9 million EUR  investors receive 17% base interest rate + 4% bonus interest rate. Success interest is paid in the end of loan term together with principal payment. 

The company was founded by Olga and Edward Peterson. Olga as promising young architect and Edward with an expertise in online marketing started the brand in 2015.

Since day one INCH2 recognized the possibilities of e-commerce and started to look for ways to gather global audience using the latest online marketing technology and combining that with beautifully handcrafted shoe designs. INCH2 digital marketing campaigns reach around 20’000’000 people monthly and since foundation the company has sold more than 22’000 pairs of shoes generating 183’968 EUR in 2016, 1’651’505 EUR in 2017,  2’834’892 EUR by end of September 2018,  and expecting to reach around 5 million in sales by end of 2018  with top markets in the USA, Russia, Germany, UK and France.

These eye-catching, refined designs of INCH2 have propelled the brand to be recognized all around the globe and has achieved support of 700’000+ committed followers on Facebook and Instagram. This analysis-based online exposure combined with unique designs has no limits as to how far the brand can go.

Now INCH2 manufacturing is extended to Europe’s best shoemakers. The brand’s footwear is being produced in Portugal at the same facility as such well-known brands as KENZO, LANVIN, MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA, GIVENCHY and others.

As a rapidly growing start up business INCH2 faced a situation where demand for the shoes out-weighted previous production capacity as a result delivery time is around 2 months.
INCH2 is looking for an investment that would give the brand a possibility to expand their sales offline through the most desired prime shopping venues and to enlarge stock for the existing women’s collection as well as just launched men’s collection and bags. After entering retail channels and reducing delivery time for online orders by having a valid stock, it is predicted to have a huge increase of INCH2 loyal customer orders around the globe.

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