MoneyMetro changes its name to VIZIA

As of March 26, 2018, the brand MoneyMetro has changed its name to VIZIA. The name of the brand was changed because its consumer lending operations were moved into a fully online environment.

The company believes that brand VIZIA has a better position in the competitive online lending market in Latvia. The name change of MoneyMetro to VIZIA will have no effect on loans issued under the MoneyMetro brand.

If you currently invest on Mintos peer-to-peer lending marketplace in loans from MoneyMetro your investments will automatically update with the new name.

VIZIA (previously MoneyMetro) is fully owned by ExpressCredit Group, the leading consumer financial services chain in Latvia. ExpressCredit was founded in 2009. Operating under different brands, including Banknote and VIZIA, it has become a trusted partner for more than 300 000 borrowers across Latvia.


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