Get 1% cashback bonus for your investments on Fast Invest

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Fast Invest will give you 1% cashback for your investments made until the 31st of August. There are no minimum or maximum limitations for this proposal.

Here is what you need to do:

log in to your account or register
– add funds to your account
– pick loans from the loan list and start investing or
– create auto invest portfolio to invest these funds

The cashback proposal has its terms and conditions. Shortly:

– Cashback is applied only for funds added during the period from 16th of July till 31th of August.
– The bonus will be frozen for 12 months period. You need to keep your investments in FAST INVEST platform for at least for one year to get the bonus.
– If you are not able to hold your investments for twelve months, you will lose your bonus.
– The bonus will be automatically activated after twelve months investment period.
– This promotion cannot be used with other proposals.

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