1pm now offers on Mintos p2p lending marketplace the chance to select loans based on risk categories

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1pm is the latest loan originator to offer Mintos investors the opportunity to select its loans for investment based on loan risk categories. The inclusion of the risk categories will allow you to make a more informed investment decision and, therefore, increase your chances of success.

1pm was the first loan originator from the United Kingdom to launch on Mintos, offering its business loans for investment. Now you can select your investments in its loans based on its five risk categories which assess the likelihood of the borrower defaulting on their loan. The link between the borrower default rate and the risk categories is based on real-world statistics collected by a variety of credit agencies. These agencies collect extensive global credit reporting information and compare the company’s who default based on industry and size amongst other factors to forecast which company’s are the most likely to default within the next 12 months.

Category Scoring EABDR*
Very low risk 71 – 100 0.09%
Low risk 51 – 70 0.30%
Moderate risk 30 – 50 0.46%
High risk 21 – 29 2.32%
Very high risk 1 – 20 8.37%

*Expected Annual Bad Debt Rate

1pm bases its risk categories on the size of the business determined by the criteria of Companies House – a United Kingdom government department which incorporates and dissolves limited companies, examines and stores company information and makes it available for the public. Other factors taken into consideration when assessing the creditworthiness of a borrower is information on the business, commercial track records, directors, consumer track records, financial trend information, payment performance, company size, age of business, industry sector, geographical region and management and owners of the business.

The inclusion of the risk categories will allow you to make a more informed investment decision and increase your chances of success.

1pm was founded in 2000 and listed on the London Stock Exchange in 2006. The company offers many finance solutions to SMEs within the United Kingdom including asset and vehicle finance, hire purchase, commercial loans and invoice financing. It is dedicated to helping the United Kingdom’s economy grow by providing finance to businesses. The company joined Mintos in February 2018.

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