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New Crowdestor project – Development of apartment building Tomsona 6

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Crowdestor informed today that investors have a chance to invest in a new project: Development of apartment building Tomsona 6.

The aim of the Project is to fine-tune and foster the currently undergoing works in the development stage of the land plot so that an actual building permit is issued by the municipality.


Target: EUR 60 000,00.

Loan term: 9 months.

Interest rate: 12% per annum.

Interest payments: paid monthly

Loan repayment: In full at the end of the Loan Term.


Prohibition (in part or as a whole) to alienate, assign, transfer; charge, mortgage, lien; divide or join to another land plot, without written permission of the Collateral Agent. This prohibition is being corroborated (enrolled) in the Land Book as a special prohibitory note legally binding to all third parties (“aizlieguma atzīme” – in Latvian).


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