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Be a Pro, with Portfolio Pro from Bondora

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The peer-to-peer lending marketplace Bondora announced the launch of a new feature called “Portfolio Pro”. This has been developed based on the feedback received from the Bondora investor community over the recent months.

Bondora - Portfolio Pro

What is Portfolio Pro?

Simply put, it is a tool for people who like to have more control over the level of diversification in their investments. You can now use this Pro feature to create a portfolio according to your own rules. For example, you may choose to select loans from specific countries, with different duration and Bondora risk ratings.

How much does it cost?

It’s free! Unlike many other platforms, investing with Bondora is free and using the new Portfolio Pro feature is exactly the same. Enjoy!

To get started, simply log in, click on the Portfolio Pro link in the menu and get started today!

Don’t forget about the free 5 EURO sign-up bonus from Bondora!


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