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Do the money come to you at the speed of the turtle and go with the speed of the rabbit?


If you feel the money are coming to you very rarely or hard and going very fast, you should do something different than what you have done so far, that’s clear!

What can you do differently?

Here are some suggestions:

1. Manage your finances. This would be the first step to see where the money comes from and where they go. It is also the oldest advice you have received from grandparents, right?

Perhaps too simple, but once you start managing your money you will become more aware of the decisions you have to take and act smarter.

2. Change your mentality. If you grew up in a family where money is not being discussed, or if you feel that you are not earning the money you deserve, you probably have a poor man mentality.

You may think that everyone is “busy”, that you can not develop a lucrative “honest business” or that “you are not ready enough to get a good job”. If you think so, I advise you to talk to people who are business owners or friends who have financially worthwhile financial situations.

3. Change your financial behavior. It can not change overnight, but right now you can change the way you spend your money.

4. Answer the question: “Why do money come to me with the speed of the turtle and go with the speed of the rabbit?” Try to answer this question, I’m sure you know the Solution! … and with perseverance I am convinced that you can improve your financial situation.


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