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New high-yield Envestio project – Wind turbine farm – Tier 2

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Envestio informed that a new investment opportunity is available at the portal to all registered participants.

The project is presented by the new Investment Project Owner – Polish company FLC POLAND SP ZOO. Since 2013 the company is conducting business in a number of industries, including alternative energy. By investing in the project “Wind turbine farm” it is possible to participate in the financing round for further technical improvements, purchase of spare parts, and maintenance cycle for wind turbine farm in Poland.

The loan is fully secured by commercial pledge and personal guarantee of the main beneficiary of FLC POLAND SP ZOO.

You can invest any amount starting from 1 EUR. Minimum deposit to the investment account is EUR 100.

If you invest for the first time at Envestio don’t forget that you can get € 5 and a 0.5% cashback bonus for the investments made in the first nine months (270 days), more details HERE.

Investment opportunity

  • High-yielding investment in energy sector, financing of further technical improvements, purchase of spare parts, and maintenance cycle for wind turbine farm in Poland.
  • 20,55% planned annual return.
  • Investment principal buyback is available at 5% penalty fee.

Project description

FLC POLAND SP ZOO is a Polish company that is engaged into several business projects in Eastern and Central Europe in industries like alternative energy, trade of agricultural products, logistics operations, etc. The company is operating since the year 2013.

In the years 2015-2016 FLC POLAND SP ZOO participated in construction of a farm of wind turbines in Poland, Krakow region.

The project with total budget of EUR 28 million (net, rounded) assumed purchase of 12 Enercon E-92/78m wind turbines (//www.enercon.de/en/products/ep-2/e-92/) with combined power capacity of 28,200 kW as well as number of additional installations and services such as:

  • Transformers with switchgears.
  • Protection from lightning strikes.
  • Control and power devices.
  • ENERCON SCADA Remote – the primary system of telemonitoring.
  • Transportation, mobilization and operation of the crane.
  • Flat concrete foundation.
  • Installation.
  • Launch into operation.
  • 100 hours of testing.
  • General insurance before use.
  • Connecting cables with the transformers in turbine towers.
  • Two years warranty.
  • Set of technical drawings of foundations, technical instructions.

The park of wind turbines was launched into operation in 2016, so now FLC POLAND SP ZOO is looking to attract financing with an aim of making additional technical improvements to the installation in order to raise its overall efficiency, purchasing spare parts for the turbines, and conducting necessary maintenance works for the next period of operation.


With an average of 12.6 GW per year, volumes of new deployment of wind energy capacity look set to remain fairly strong through to 2020, according to WindEurope’s Central Scenario. We expect 2017 to mark a new record high in annual installations. We expect 50 GW to be installed in the 4 years of 2017-2020. We expect this would bring the EU to an accumulative installed capacity of 204 GW. We expect this 50 GW additional capacity to represent over half of all new renewable capacity in the EU over the 4-year period, well above solar PV, bioenergy and hydro power.

With over 200 GW of installed capacity, wind energy could meet 16.5% of Europe’s electricity needs by 2020, surpassing hydro power and becoming the largest source of renewable electricity. We expect Denmark to meet over half of its demand with wind energy and Germany almost 30%. Ireland, Portugal, Spain and the UK will follow with respectively 29, 27, 24 and 21%.

New installations will remain relatively strong until the end of 2020, but policy uncertainty and lack of ambition for the post-2020 climate and energy framework could have a significant negative impact on the sector. Only a handful of Member States have provided visibility and regulatory certainty. With only 5 countries among the EU28 announcing auctions plans, there is a lack of certainty on revenue stability for investors.

Sample repayment schedule

Envestio participant’s investment – EUR 1 000.00

  • 21.12.2018 – EUR 16.89
  • 21.01.2019 – EUR 17.45
  • 21.02.2019 – EUR 17.45
  • 21.03.2019 – EUR 15.76
  • 21.04.2019 – EUR 17.45
  • 21.05.2019 – EUR 16.89
  • 21.06.2019 – EUR 17.45
  • 21.07.2019 – EUR 16.89
  • 21.08.2019 – EUR 1017.45

Total expected return: EUR 1 153,68

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Envestio peer-to-peer crowdinvesting platform overview

Envestio logo


If you invest for the first time at Envestio don’t forget that you can get € 5 and a 0.5% cashback bonus for the investments made in the first nine months (270 days), more details HERE.


Started as a private investment fund, now Envestio is a modern crowdinvesting platform, which offers new ways of making investments in traditional and innovative investment projects. Envestio offers investors premium level investment opportunities, which were carefully chosen from many applications and thoroughly studied by Envestio analytical team. Entrepreneurs from different industries can apply for structured financing at Envestio platform and quickly receive it from the pool of registered private investors. Envestio takes care of the transparent full-cycled fundraising process, and ensures honest and unbiased information exchange between all participants of every investment project.
In the Age of Internet crowdfunding concept swiftly became popular as an alternative way of finding necessary financing for different projects. Unlike the traditional bank financing, crowdfunding is highly decentralized concept, where many investors are participating in each project with investments of small or moderate size. Crowdfunding is being used to finance project of different size and nature, such as commercial ventures, cultural and charity events, scientific research, development of new products, etc. In many cases, people, contributing to a crowdfunding project are not expecting a monetary return, especially in case of funding cultural or charity project, or the return is clearly symbolic, like “thank you” booklet or CD.

Since its establishment in 2014, Envestio has been investing funds in three industries: real estate, energy, cryptomining. A new step into other business area was made in the end of 2017. As of April 28, 2018 an innovative business of cryptocurrency mining constitutes the biggest portion of Envestio’s historical portfolio with 42% of total funds invested, followed by energy sector with 27%, and real estate projects with 27%. 3% were invested in other industries.
As of April 30, 2018 Envestio has successfully conducted and exited 20 investment projects, by fully receiving back principal and interest from our cooperation partners. The total sum of provided capital exceeds EUR 6,3M, while accumulated income from interest exceeds EUR 1,7M level.

What type of investments can be made?

– Crowdinvesting
Crowdinvesting is somewhat more specific than ordinary crowdfunding as it is related to funding business ventures, newly established or already existing companies with a straightforward purpose of earning interest on invested funds. Certain number of investors join a pool to complete the announced need of a project or company for specific type of funding. Profits or revenues are distributed to them according to previously approved schedule and proportionally to the share invested by each investor. Most crowdinvesting platforms allow their participants to start investing from very fairly small amounts, such as 50 or 100 EUR. Ordinary people received a great alternative to traditional bank deposits, which are noticeably less flexible and profitable than investments made through crowdfunding platforms.
– Bridge investing
Bridge financing is an interim financing option used by companies and other entities to solidify their short-term position until a long-term financing option can be arranged. Bridge financing normally comes from an investment bank or venture capital firm in the form of a loan or equity investment. This type of financing only occurs when a company’s runway is shorter than its future financing options, and it needs to remain solvent in order to obtain such long-term financing.

Who is eligible to invest?

All adults may become investors at Envestio. With the minimum investment amount of only 100 EUR, the idea behind Envestio is that everyone should be able to participate in different innovative and traditional investment projects.
It is free to register at Envestio and start investing using the platform.
Investors do not pay any fees for their investment at Envestio either. Therefore, the entire payment is used for the investment with no deductions.
In some specific cases there are one-off fees, associated with international bank transfers.

In what currencies can investments be made?

Investment accounts of Envestio participants are maintained in EUR, and money payouts to Envestio participants are done in EUR as well. Currently there is no blockchain/token technology used behind Envestio operations. Envestio does not convert invested funds into any kind of crypto-currency.
At the moment, Envestio is not accepting credit cards as a mean of adding funds to Envestio investment account. This possibility is still being analyzed in order to comply with AML legislation and be economically viable for Envestio business. Also, it is not possible to add funds by Western Union, crypto-currency, or any kind of electronic money transfer. Envestio portal accepts only safe bank transfers, done by Envestio participants from their private bank accounts.


You do not need much capital to invest successfully, you can also create your own diversified investment portfolio at Envestio step by step. Indeed, you can start with small investments from 100 EUR in single project and expand your portfolio over time, you can reinvest profits from successful investments in new projects, etc. As a result, your portfolio will become broadly diversified over time.
Investing at Envestio is straightforward: You choose one of the premium investment opportunities in which you want to invest and decide how much money to invest. The entire investment process takes place online and requires just a few minutes of your time. In return for your investment, you will receive fixed interest payments according to established schedule. The minimum investment is just 100 EUR.
Envestio has already pre-analysed all investment opportunities offered on the platform. In fact, only very small % of companies applying for a financing round on Envestio are accepted and presented further to Envestio participants.
Investments done through Envestio are not just interesting and high-profitable; those are also a way of supporting entrepreneurship and innovation in the region. Many company founders, discoverers, and visionaries often had troubles to find people among traditional investors, who shared their vision and recognized opportunities and potential of their business ideas.
Investors at Envestio are different from that. They share the ideas and see in reality that small things can eventually morph in something big and successful. Envestio participants help new ideas and economic progress, they support innovation and creation of jobs, making a positive contribution to society while earning high profits. It is the best example of win-win situation.
Envestio business model includes cooperation with investment project owners in the field of providing bridge financing/temporary equity replacement for their business projects. Funds, gathered via Envestio portal, constitute a certain share of total financing that is attracted to specific project, besides traditional funding from banks etc. Respectively, the weighted average cost of capital (WACC) for these projects is much lower than interest rate, payable to Envestio participants.
Making investments in premium investment projects at Envestio offers great opportunities, but these investments still are risky as any other. In the worst case, the entire investment, including principal and interest amount may be lost. At the same time, Envestio participants are under no obligation to continue funding the problematic project.
Envestio participants can minimize the risk by diversifying their investment portfolio. Professional investors often follow this strategy because it causes the risk to be distributed among several investments. In this way, successful investments with high return can balance out other less successful investments.
Envestio currently is offering investment projects with yearly interest rate from 12% up to 22%, depending on length and risk category of the project.
Financing of cryptomining hardware industry is considered most risky investment with the highest return, while real estate industry has the lowest risk category and moderate interest rates.
All interest payments already transferred to the Envestio participant’s investment account according to the project’s schedule remain in possession of the investor. Interest that is accrued, but not yet received, is written-off at the moment of confirming the buyback.

How does the buyback guarantee work?

Envestio buyback guarantee means that any Envestio participant at any moment can sell an investment from his or her investment portfolio back to Envestio and instantly receive invested money back his or her investment account. Since the funds, gathered via Envestio portal, constitute a certain share of total financing that is attracted to specific project, besides traditional funding from banks, Envestio is sufficiently capitalized to execute any buyback immediately.
Cost of performing buyback is calculated and shown to Envestio participant in Envestio personal area.
Please note that in some cases cost of buyback can account to substantial percentage of invested amount.

Upcoming platform improvements and new planned events

– Soon the webpage will be available in 6 languages, including Spanish, Italian, Estonian, and Russian besides already existing German and English
– Auto-invest function will be added within June-July 2018
– Secondary market for investments is going to be introduced after auto-invest is in place
– Mobile app for iOS and Android will appear within 1-1,5 months (July-August 2018)
– Around 10 new investment projects are being prepared for presentation at the platform

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