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PeerBerry peer-to-peer lending marketplace overview

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PeerBerry launched on the 1st of November 2017 with loans originated primarily by Aventus Group and its subsidiaries. Since, they have started adding other credible European loan originators to diversify the investment opportunities. PeerBerry strongly believes that passive income guarantees stable economy and better lifestyle hence their mission is to bring passive income to everyone.

Aventus Group is an international successful payday lender, founded in 2009. Profitable from its first year of operations, Aventus Group has created the team of experienced specialists and now holding strong positions in the Czech Republic, Latvia, Poland, Georgia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Moldova. The company puts a strong emphasis on responsible lending. Aventus Group brings to PeerBerry 3 leading loan originators from across Europe.

PeerBerry is a peer-to-peer marketplace for private lenders to invest into loans originating from non-banking lenders – the Aventus Group and its daughter companies. Portfolios of non-banking borrower requests mainly consist of short-term consumer loan requests across Europe. Unlike traditional banking they offer private investors access to the non-banking lending sector.

Who is eligible to invest?

Individuals and companies from within European Union can become investors at PeerBerry. Join us: complete a short registration form and activate your investor account by depositing initial funds. Keep in mind that you must be at least 18 years old, and that we only accept deposits from credit, payment or electronic money institutions within the European Union.

In what currencies can investments be made?

Investor Account can be opened only in EUR, but they accept deposits in all currencies. Payments received in currencies other than EUR will be converted to EUR according to the Swedbank currency exchange rates.

How can funds be transfered?

You can transfer money to your investor account from your bank account registered in European Union. Transfers in EUR can be done easily and at low cost using SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) transfers.


Both manual and auto-investment are availabile. All loans come with a 60 days buyback guarantee. PeerBerry will buyback loans (principal amount and accrued interest for full term), if a borrower is over 60 days late with the repayment.

Auto Invest automatically implements your chosen investment strategy. After you have entered your investment criteria, Auto Invest will automatically invest in suitable loans. You can access Auto Invest at any time and follow your portfolio activity in real time to make sure it is working according to your investment goals. Auto Invest is a very efficient tool for saving time spent on investing activities.

You can pause or cancel Auto Invest at any time.

Once you have confirmed your investment criteria, Auto Invest will review loan listings and invest funds in loans that meet your preferences. Auto Invest will continue to automatically analyze and invest in suitable new loans as soon as they are listed. If you change any Auto Invest setting, all available loan listings will be rechecked to make sure they meet your investment criteria.

Can investors cancel the investments?

For investments to long term loans investors have an option to use “Sell back”. Sell back means that you will get invested money into particular loan and counted interest after 14 days the Sell back option is activated. For this service extra fee will be charged. Unfortunatelly, approved investments to short term loans cannot be cancelled. To get your funds back you need to wait until the loan agreement is closed or a Buyback Guarantee is activated.

Loan originators


Pujcka7 has been operating on the Czech Republic market since 2012. The company is a member of the APNÚ (Association of Non-Bank Loans Providers). Pujcka7 pays great attention to the assessment of clients’ finances and commitments. Since the beginning more than 70 000 satisfied clients have put trust in their services. Not in vain the company is recognized as one of the most favorable non-bank loans lenders in Czech market.

Key figures of Pujcka7:

Amount of issued loans in 2017: 94.038.637 CZK;

Revenue in 2017: 45.074.452 CZK;

Active portfolio at the end of 2017 (where overdue is less than 90 days): 21.456.509 CZK.

Smart Pożyczka

Smart Pożyczka was launched 4 years ago in Poland. From the beginning, the company has focused on innovative IT solutions and big data analysis for effective risk management. The company is proud of reliable clients and their feedback which encourages daily improvement. Over 60% of customers come back to Smart Pożyczka and use smart and simple way to take repeated loans.

Key figures of Smart Pożyczka:

Amount of issued loans in 2017: 54.291.475 PLN;

Revenue in 2017: 16.994.631 PLN;

Active portfolio at the end of 2017 (where overdue is less than 90 days): 11.899.558 PLN.

Pożyczka Plus

Pożyczka Plus is a consumer loan provider profitably operating in Poland since 2012. The company is a member of Loan Companies Association and has won numerous awards in the local market. Since launch, Pożyczka Plus has granted loans to over than 250 thousand customers. In past years the company increased its market share by 15%. The customers are highly satisfied with a trustworthy, innovative and fast service. Consequently, Pożyczka Plus is one of the most innovative lenders in Poland.

Key figures of Pożyczka Plus:

Amount of issued loans in 2017: 47.695.134 PLN;

Revenue in 2017: 14.929.806 PLN;

Active portfolio at the end of 2017 (where overdue is less than 90 days): 10.453.778 PLN.


Despite strong competition in just a few years after launch SOSCredit has established itself as one of the key players in the Czech Republic and is highly rated by its clients. SOSCredit has managed to achieve this through innovative IT solutions that enable quick and reliable risk assessment and loan decisions in just 15 minutes. Customers love the speed, quality customer service and transparency with no hidden fees or commission.

Key figures of SOSCredit:

Amount of issued loans in 2017: 65.637.700 CZK;

Revenue in 2017: 37.728.388 CZK;

Active portfolio at the end of 2017 (where overdue is less than 90 days): 19.385.621 CZK.


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