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First loan originator from China joins Mintos marketplace

Mintos logo

New loan originator from China joins Mintos peer-to-peer lending marketplace! PangMaoBao will offer investors to invest in invoice-financing loans. PangMaoBao is a part of Zhaogang group, the biggest e-commerce platform in China connecting steel makers and buyers. PangMaoBao provides supply chain financing against outstanding invoices to well-known companies such as Amazon, Disney, DHL, Siemens and others.

The average loan that PangMaoBao will place on the Mintos marketplace will have a repayment period of 30 to 90 days. The loan originator will initially offer investment opportunities in EUR and USD.

It is expected that the average annual net return to investors will be around 6-7%. PangMaoBao will offer a buyback guarantee for loans that are delinquent for more than 60 days. To retain its “skin in the game”, PangMaoBao will keep at least 5% of each loan available on the Mintos marketplace on its balance sheet.

Since its start in May 2015, PangMaoBao has reached 2 300 registered customers, and more than EUR 27.3 million in loans have been issued to date. In 2016, the company issued loans worth EUR 17 million and generated EUR 1.1 million in revenue.

PangMaoBao ensures comprehensive and detailed credit assessment and risk control. By accumulating real-time data from Zhaogang to aid in risk management, they have ensured a bad debt rate of 0%, meaning investors face relatively low risk when investing in these loans.

Founded in 2012, Zhaogang is the biggest e-commerce platform for the steel industry in China. Zhaogang is based in Shanghai and has more than 1 400 employees. Zhaogang operates 46 branches throughout China and Asia, including branches in South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates. Its revenue reached RMB 14.1 billion (EUR 1.9 billion) in 2015. Zhaogang has received backing from major venture capital firms in both China and abroad, including IDG, Sequoia Capital, Matrix Partners China and Zhen Fund. In January 2016, Zhaogang completed RMB 1.1 billion (EUR 151 million) series E round of financing, potentially the last round of financing before it is listed on the domestic stock market.

Zhaogang has received high praise in the industry, including the following awards: “2016 China’s Annual Innovation and Growth of 100 Enterprises, 2016 Best Internet Finance Social Responsibility Award”, “Top 100 China’s Internet Companies of 2016”, and others.

Hot to sell loans from one investor to another with Bondora’s Direct Sell feature

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Bondora has introduced a new facility that allows investors to sell loans directly to other investors. The feature opens up a wider offering of investments for the users. With this feature you can also bundle several loans together and sell an entire portfolio. Here are two instances where the investors may want to use the direct sell feature:

  • An investor may reach an agreement with another investor to sell their loans. In this case the investors have already agreed on the terms of the sale before arranging the transacti
  • Some investors may use direct selling to consolidate their holdings. Some users who began as private investors may find the feature useful when grouping their investments into a company account. This essentially works as portfolio transfer.

Selling directly to another investor

The direct sell option is very easy to use for investors. Here’s how:

On the Investments page, select which loans you want to sell by clicking the sales cart icon, then press the “Sell” button above. A popup box will appear asking if you want to sell the loans individually or as a single portfolio. Now you will need to designate specific investor username to whom you want to sell the selected loan(s) or portfolio.

Bondora sales list


In this same popup box you’ll see the total calculated expected income from the sale. The fee totals 1% of the sum of outstanding principal of the loan(s) less the sum of the overdue principal amount. The final step is to sign the loan sales.

Confirm investments sell to specific user

Finding direct sales offers on Secondary Market

At this point the buying investor is able to find the loan/portfolio. The listing is available in the Secondary market page. Open the filter options and locate the filter “Show offers meant for me”, then select “Yes” from the dropdown box.  Buying the offer is no different from the usual process – select the offer by adding it to buy cart and click “Buy”.

How to sell multiple loans as portfolios on Secondary Market at Bondora

Bondora logo

In may 2017 Bondora released a new feature enabling investors to sell multiple loans as one portfolio in Secondary Market. This feature adds a new tool for the investors to increase liquidity and manage their portfolio risk more effectively.

Before, investors could sell investments from their portfolio one by one by adding the loans to sales cart and signing the sales orders in the Investments page. The new feature adds the possibility to combine the loans you want to sell into one portfolio and put this portfolio to sale on Secondary Market.

To sell multiple investments as one portfolio, just mark the “Sell as a portfolio” checkbox in the Sales list popup. The summary of the investments is displayed in the same view. In addition, you are able to set the price for the portfolio manually by marking the checkbox for “Set a portfolio price”. If you do not set the price manually, the system sets the sum value of outstanding principals as the portfolio price. Next, you just have to continue and sign the sales.

Bondora - Sale multiple loans

Find portfolios for sale on Secondary Market

To see all the portfolios for sale by other investors, go to the Secondary Market page and enable the “Show portfolios” option on the top right. This quick filter only displays portfolios for sale. You can look into each portfolio and see which loans are included and what is their history and status.

Bondora - find porfolios

This feature offers a new level of liquidity for Bondora users. If an investor wishes to divest themselves of a loan they can do so before it reaches maturity. Additionally, investors can increase the liquidity of lower rated loans by including them with higher rated loans in a single portfolio, thus increasing the chances of liquidation.

New feature at Bondora – Recurring payment

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Bondora announced today (28 april 2017) the launch of a new automation feature: recurring payments.

How to set up your recurring payment

They added a simple new feature which allows you to set up recurring payments from your bank to your Bondora investment account. When you login to your Bondora account, go to the “Add Funds” tab on your Dashboard. Below you’ll notice a checkbox for “Make payment recurring.”

With this checkbox selected, setting up a recurring payment is as easy as making a regular credit or debit card payment.

  1. Choose the deposit amount.
  2. Choose a period for the recurring payment.
  3. Choose a payment day.
  4. Click on “Make a deposit with credit card”.

Bondora setting up recurring payments

After that you are asked to provide your card details and authenticate the payment.

Bondora setting up recurring payments

Automation makes it easy to contribute even small amounts. Over time the account grows from your regular contributions and your compounded returns. Even small weekly amounts can make a big difference.

New bid allocation model at Bondora

Bondora logo

Bondora’s new bid allocation model levels the playing field for investors

Marketplace lending is becoming a mainstream investment choice. However, as the investor base grows, so does the competition for loans.

Originally, if a loan received too many bids (overbid), Bondora would rank the bids based on size. Unfortunately, this method made it difficult for investors with smaller bids to get the loan. Some investors got their entire bid accepted while others were left out. Now, they are changing the bid allocation model to be more inclusive to all bidders.

They will no longer rank the bids based on size. Instead, they will proportionally distribute loans among all investors trying to buy them. In short: All bidders will get a piece of the loan. This way everyone – big and small investors – will get access to the same loans.

Here’s an example of how the new system will work: A borrower requests a €1,000 loan. Several investors bid a total of €2,000. As a result, each investor who made a bid would have 50% of their bid accepted. This way each investor would be able to get access to all loans they want, albeit sometimes for much smaller amount they wanted.

This bid allocation model implementation will be automatic and requires no action from investors. Bondora will be removing investor ranking on 20th of April . However, please note that minimum investment size setting in the API and Portfolio Manager will become obsolete with this change.

Initially, there will be an absolute minimum investment size of €1 in order to facilitate investment level calculations using the current technology. Over the coming months Bondora will however be rolling out a new infrastructure that allows fractionalizing loans to much smaller units making the proportional distribution even more precise.

Bondora accept deposits with Visa and Mastercard debit and credit cards

Bondora logo

New instant payment options at Bondora. You can use a Visa, Mastercard credit and debit cards or SOFORT online payments to make an instant deposit. These changes mean users can invest faster. These new options come at no additional cost. Once you make a payment you will immediately see the results in your Bondora account.

You can add funds to your account in a five easy and secure steps: (1) enter the payment amount, (2) enter your credit card details, (3) log in to your bank in case of 3D Secure, (4) confirm the transaction and (5) see the deposit immediately on your Bondora account.

Secure payments

All these options come without sacrificing any of the privacy users expect. Wirecard Bank secures all payments via credit card. Bondora do not receive or retain any user’s credit card information. This method meets all the regulations required for PCI certification. The users in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland, and Spain can choose SOFORT as an instant payment option. This secure method requires no storage of any confidential information.

Capital Service joins the Mintos marketplace

Mintos logo

New loan originator from Poland joins the Mintos marketplace! Capital Service has joined Mintos and, starting 23/03/2017, will place installment loans issued on- and offline in Poland on the platform.

Capital Service operates the second-largest non-bank lending branch network in Poland. The company  was founded in 1999 and has accumulated significant experience in consumer lending over the past 18 years. Capital Service loans placed on the marketplace will range in size from EUR 250 to EUR 3 600, with a repayment deadline of 3 to 48 months. The net annual return is expected to range from 10% to 12%. For each loan placed on the Mintos marketplace, Capital Service will retain at least 10% on its balance sheets – part of its “skin in the game.” Capital Service will offer a buyback guarantee for loans that are delinquent for more than 60 days.

Investment opportunities from Capital Service will be offered in euro (EUR) and Polish zloty (PLN).

Capital Service employs more than 430 people. Since beginning operations, it has gained more 51 000 active customers. Last year, Capital Service had a revenue of EUR 19.2 million, with profit before tax slightly above the EUR 1.8 million mark. Its equity stood at EUR 5 million at the end of 2016. The share of loans overdue by more than 60 days in the company’s portfolio is 7.5%.

Capital Service’s mission is to provide customers with simple access to cash – quickly, conveniently, at any time, in any place and at a reasonable cost. The company uses the newest IT solutions to allow for fast and efficient data processing and loan issuing decisions.

To date (23/03/2017), 21 loan originators have joined the Mintos marketplace, ensuring investors with wide investment options.

New loan originator on Mintos marketplace – Mozipo Group

Mintos logo

One of Lithuania’s biggest online consumer loan lenders has joined the Mintos marketplace! Starting 22/03/2017, Mozipo Group will place short-term personal loans issued in Lithuania under the Moment Credit brand on the platform.

Loans that Mozipo Group will place on the Mintos marketplace are expected to range from EUR 100 to EUR 3 000, with a repayment period of 3 to 36 months. The loan originator will offer investment opportunities in euro (EUR).

The average net return to investors is expected to be around 12%. Mozipo Group will offer a buyback guarantee for loans that are delinquent for more than 60 days. To retain its “skin in the game,” Mozipo Group will keep at least 10% of each loan available on the Mintos marketplace on its balance sheet.

Mozipo Group has been operating for more than ten years. The Group is known in the industry as a reliable, transparent and responsible non-bank financial institution. Currently, Mozipo Group works in Denmark, Lithuania and Romania, and plans to expand to other European countries. The company currently employs more than 60 people.

Mozipo Group issues unsecured personal loans. Since beginning its operations, the Group has served more than 200 000 customers. The company has issued 620 000 loans worth over EUR 125 million. Last year, Mozipo Group earned EUR 3.9 million in revenue, with a net profit of EUR 526 000. Their loan portfolio was EUR 9.3 million. The company plan to issue loans worth EUR 23 million this year.

Mozipo Group’s average client is a 36-45 year old city resident with an average monthly income. Issued loans are primarily used to cover daily and unexpected expenses.

An effective risk scoring system reduces the number of non-performing loans issued, thereby increasing Mozipo Group’s competitiveness in the market.

All of the fundamental and operational business-related processes in Mozipo Group are managed in-house, which ensures high quality service. The Mozipo Group IT department has created a unique self-learning Scoring System as well as an automated Business Management System for Lithuania; these are also easily adapted for other countries.

The company’s mission is to make consumer lending more efficient by using technology to connect money with people in the simplest and fastest way possible.


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