New cashback campaign on Mintos – The Summer Holiday Cashback Campaign

Mintos peer-to-peer lending marketplace informed that a new cashback opportunity is available at the portal to all registered participants: The Summer Holiday Cashback Campaign.

You can now earn a bonus of up to 1% when investing in loans listed in EUR from Varks, Tengo, Metrokredit, Peachy, Monego, Lendo, Sebo, Kredo, Kuki and Tigo.

How the program works?

  • The Summer Holiday Cashback Campaign is valid from June 5, 2019 to June 19, 2019
  • During the time indicated above, any Registered User has the right to participate in the Campaign
  • Participation in the Campaign grants the User a right to receive a cashback bonus for investmentsmade on the Primary Market in loans listed EUR of the following loan originators: Varks, Tengo, Metrokredit, Peachy, Monego, Lendo,Sebo, Kredo, Kuki and Tigo
  • To participate in the Campaign the User has to enroll in the Campaign on the Campaign page. After enrolling the User will see a confirmation messageabout being successfully enrolled in the Campaign.
  • Cashback is calculated for any new investments made on the Primary Market (both manually and via Auto Invest) in the loans of Loan Originators:
    • 0.25% for loans with remaining maturity of up to 90 days
    • 0.50% for loans with remaining maturity of 91-180 days
    • 0.75% for loans with remaining maturity of 181-270 days
    • 1.00% for loans with remaining maturity of above 270 days
  • The User can receive multiple cashbacks by making investments over the duration of the Campaign
  • Cashback is not calculated for:
    • investments made on the Secondary Market
    • investments made prior to enrolling in the Campaign
    • users who have not enrolled in the Campaign
  • The cashback is paid in one installment within 6 (six) working days from the investment date, if allterms and conditions have been fulfilled
  • The cashback is paid by Loan Originators based on the calculation provided by Mintos. Mintos acts asan intermediary and pays the User on behalf of Loan Originators by depositing electronic fundsequivalent to the cashback into the Virtual Account of the User
If you invest for the first time at Mintos don’t forget that you can get 1% cashback bonus for the investments made in the first three months (90 days), more details HERE.
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