Hot to sell loans from one investor to another with Bondora’s Direct Sell feature

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Bondora has introduced a new facility that allows investors to sell loans directly to other investors. The feature opens up a wider offering of investments for the users. With this feature you can also bundle several loans together and sell an entire portfolio. Here are two instances where the investors may want to use the direct sell feature:

  • An investor may reach an agreement with another investor to sell their loans. In this case the investors have already agreed on the terms of the sale before arranging the transacti
  • Some investors may use direct selling to consolidate their holdings. Some users who began as private investors may find the feature useful when grouping their investments into a company account. This essentially works as portfolio transfer.

Selling directly to another investor

The direct sell option is very easy to use for investors. Here’s how:

On the Investments page, select which loans you want to sell by clicking the sales cart icon, then press the “Sell” button above. A popup box will appear asking if you want to sell the loans individually or as a single portfolio. Now you will need to designate specific investor username to whom you want to sell the selected loan(s) or portfolio.

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In this same popup box you’ll see the total calculated expected income from the sale. The fee totals 1% of the sum of outstanding principal of the loan(s) less the sum of the overdue principal amount. The final step is to sign the loan sales.

Confirm investments sell to specific user

Finding direct sales offers on Secondary Market

At this point the buying investor is able to find the loan/portfolio. The listing is available in the Secondary market page. Open the filter options and locate the filter “Show offers meant for me”, then select “Yes” from the dropdown box.  Buying the offer is no different from the usual process – select the offer by adding it to buy cart and click “Buy”.

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