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Many peer-to-peer lending platforms and other sites offer various bonus programs such as signup bonus, cash-back bonus, reffer a friend bonus or other forms of bonuses. 

I have to tell you, you have nothing to lose (just to win) if you sign up following the links below.

Below you find a list of the programs that are available (in the table) and then a description of each program and instructions on how it works:


Platform Bonus Criteria
Mintos 1% Registration through this link and you get 1% bonus for your first 90 days investments
Bondora 5 Euro Registration through this link and you get your free 5 Euro to start investing
EstateGuru 0,5% Registration through this link
Transferwise Free transfer Registration through this link and you get a free international transfer of up to £500
Envestio 5 EURO and 0.5% for the first 270 days Registration through this link and you get your free 5 Euro “first deposit bonus” + 0.5% for your investments made in the first 270 days
Fast Invest 1% Registration through this link and you get 1% bonus for your investments made until 31st of August

How it works for each platform


The reward will be calculated based on your average daily invested balance over a 3-month period – 30, 60, and 90 days after the registration date – and paid in three instalments.

For example Sara starts investing in loans via Mintos marketplace. After 30 days, the average balance Sara has invested over the period is EUR 3 500. Mintos will credit 1% of EUR 3 500 (EUR 35) to Sara’s investor account. After 60 and 90 days, Mintos will review the average invested balance again and, if it increases, credit Sara’s investor account with 1% from the balance difference between 30-60 and 60-90 days.

If the difference between the balance of 60 days and 30 days or between 90 days and 60 days is negative (you have withdrawn money) nothing happens. Nothing is deducted from your account, you can keep the bonuses received, but you will not get another bonus.


The peer-to-peer lending marketplace Bondora offers now a free 5 euro bonus on sign up. To receive it, you must REGISTER and comply with the terms and conditions. After signing up, the bonus will be found in your account and you will be able to use it to make your first investment.

Pay attention: the 5 euros you get bonus are for a trial period of 30 days. In order to keep them you must make a minimum 5 euro investment during this trial period. The easiest and quickest way to do this is through a debit or credit card within the platform. More details about debit/credit card deposits at Bondora can be found HERE.

Even so, a 100% yield, made in less than 15 minutes, is not bad.


If you click on this link, you will get 0.5 percent bonus on all your investments during the first three months. The bonus will be added to your investment account after the loan has been funded and transfered to the borrower.


Transferwise is not a peer-to-peer company, but is an international money transfer company active in almost all countries, allowing money transfer and currency exchange at much lower costs than banks.

If you register via this link, you will be able to make an international transfer of money, free of charge, up to £ 500. Be careful, this feature is only available for your first money transfer, so you’d better use it when it’s worth it (it would be a pity to use it to transfer 10 euros).


If you click on this link, you will get 5 EURO “first deposit” bonus after at least EUR 100 is transferred to your investment account, plus 0.5 percent bonus on all your investments made during the first 270 days. The percentage bonus is calculated and paid before the 5th date of each month for the previous month.

Fast Invest

Limited time offer. More details here.

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